Version 2.77

Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL1123-0 PhenX07_14_laterality N
LL1127-1 PhenX07_18 N
LL1147-9 PhenX08_14_teeth braces duration N
LL1304-6 PhenX12_37_missed mentrual periods N
LL1323-6 PhenX02_06_body image shape N
LL1764-1 PhenX21_13_experience N
LL1765-8 PhenX21_14_event effect N
LL1946-4 OPTIMAL_confidence N
LL1947-2 OPTIMAL_difficulty N
LL222-1 CR_520_Screening result N
LL228-8 CR_759_SEER stage 2000 N
LL2521-4 First-Second-Third-Fourth-etc. N
LL2850-7 Y/N/NA N
LL323-7 OASIS_M0825_Therapy need N
LL3268-1 Always/Usually/Sometimes/Rarely/Never N
LL3722-7 [NEI] Amblyopia type N
LL3731-8 [NEI] Inheritance pattern from family history N
LL3951-2 Complete (0)|Moderate (1)|Minimal (2)|Poor (3)|NA N
LL4151-8 CMS IRFPAI_GG0100 Prior Functioning N
LL4153-4 CMS IRFPAI_GG Functional Abilities N
LL4249-0 Almost always untrue (1) | Almost always true (5) N
LL4254-0 [NIH] True or untrue of child N
LL4257-3 [NIH] Extremely true (1) to Extremely untrue (7) N
LL4309-2 Independent | Needed some help | Dependent | Uknwn N
LL4347-2 Low grade|High grade|NA|Cannot assess|Other N
LL4450-4 [CAP] Microsatellitosis N
LL4568-3 Complete|Near complete|Incomplete N
LL4970-1 CMS MDS Prior Functioning N
LL508-3 HL79010_Med reason-unsched trip N
LL5132-7 NotAtAll(5)|Little(4)|Some(3)|Quite(2)|Very(1)|NA N
LL5133-5 None(5)|Little(4)|Some(3)|Most(2)|AllTheTime(1)|NA N
LL5420-6 CMS IRFPAI v4.0_GG0100 Prior Functioning N
LL5454-5 CMS_MDS v1.18.1 - GG0100 N
LL546-3 CARE_2_b05a_Prior Functioning N
LL5594-8 HLA donor match status N
LL582-8 CARE_5_f01a_Respiratory status N
LL5830-6 Spine Tango - Surgery outcome N
LL586-9 CARE_6_a01_Core Self Care N
LL587-7 CARE_6_c01_Core Functional Status N
LL59-7 CR_1060_Edition TNM classification N
LL6004-7 Yes|No|Not applicable N
LL6493-2 Orchestra_6.3_6.1 N
LL6494-0 Orchestra_6.5_6.1 N
LL6495-7 Orchestra_6.7_6.1 N
LL820-2 OASIS-C_M2040 N
LL823-6 OASIS-C_M2250 N
LL906-9 NAACCR_1182 N