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Basic Properties

CARE_5_f01a_Respiratory status
Respiratory Status-Severe../Mild at rest../With minimal exertion../With moderate exertion../When climbing stairs/Never, patient was not short of breath/Not assessed ../Not Applicable
LOINCs using this list

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Severe, with evidence the patient is struggling to breathe at rest 5 LA10075-2
Mild at rest (during day or night) 4 LA10005-9
With minimal exertion (for example, while eating, talking, or performing other ADLs) or with agitation 3 LA6445-6
With moderate exertion (e.g., while dressing, using commode or bedpan, walking between rooms) 2 LA10122-2
When climbing stairs 1 LA10121-4
Never, patient was not short of breath 0 LA10020-8
Not assessed (e.g., on ventilator) 8 LA10035-6
Not applicable 9 LA4720-4

LOINC terms using this Answer List

52635-0 Respiratory status with oxygen therapy during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
52636-8 Respiratory status without oxygen therapy during 2 day assessment period [CARE]

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