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Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL1015-8 [PROMIS] None|Mild|Moderate|Severe|Very severe N
LL1156-0 Mild|Moderate|Severe N
LL1162-8 Quantity (5 answers, ord) N
LL1222-0 PhenX10_33_sexual desire N
LL1224-6 PhenX10_35_confidence to keep erection N
LL1899-5 PhenX15_12_activity intensity N
LL1904-3 Neg|Small|Mod|Large N
LL1907-6 Pincer cell presence (ord) N
LL2155-1 VA-36-body pain N
LL2222-9 Amount - scant,mod,large,copious N
LL2852-3 Hemolysis index N
LL2863-0 Body Condition Score N
LL2899-4 Few|Mod|Many N
LL2900-0 Not present|Slight|Occasional|Mod|Marked N
LL2949-7 [PROMIS] Had no pain|Mild|Mod|Severe|Very severe N
LL2951-3 [PROMIS] No pain|Mild|Mod|Severe|Very severe N
LL2998-4 Disease activity score level N
LL3065-1 None|Few|Mod|Many N
LL3539-5 UPDRS_Level of dyskinesias pain N
LL3600-5 None|Trace|Mild|Mild-to-mod|Mod|Mod-to-sev|Severe N
LL3694-8 Absent (0) | Mild (1) | Mod (2) | Marked (3) N
LL3766-4 Not significant|Mild|Moderate|Marked N
LL3782-1 [NEI] Iris transillumination findings N
LL3786-2 [NEI] Anterior chamber flare findings N
LL3923-1 IPAQ_Physical activity score (Low, Moderate, High) N
LL395-5 QAM_6_Fear-anxiety N
LL3951-2 Complete (0)|Moderate (1)|Minimal (2)|Poor (3)|NA N
LL396-3 HIV-SSC_Severity N
LL3982-7 None|Mild|Moderate|Severe|Resolved N
LL4010-6 Very High|High|Moderate|Mild|No Risk N
LL4051-0 None(0)|Mild(1)|Moderate(2)|Severe(3)|Extreme(4) N
LL4259-9 DUP: Had no pain|Mild|Mod|Severe|Very severe N
LL4358-9 Weak|Moderate|Strong N
LL4478-5 None|Mild|Moderate|Severe|Very Severe N
LL465-6 D29_Risk N
LL4656-6 Minimal|Moderate|Severe N
LL4697-0 None|Occasional|Mild|Moderate|Marked N
LL4883-6 KOOS N
LL4956-0 Easy to navigate | Moderate | Hard or confusing N
LL5192-1 Minimal|Minor|Moderate|Major|Severe N
LL5200-2 [PUSH 3.0] Exudate amount N
LL5478-4 Normal|Mild|Moderate|Severe|Very Severe N
LL5479-2 Normal|Mild|Moderate|Severe N
LL5480-0 Criteria not met|Mild|Moderate|Severe N
LL5533-6 None|Mod|Serious|Severe|Unk|Not Assessed N
LL5539-3 none|min|mod|serious|severe|unk|not assessed N
LL5816-5 Very good/Very bad N
LL6010-4 Absent|Slight|Moderate N
LL6088-0 NRS 2002 - Nutrition N
LL6089-8 NRS 2002 - Disease Severity N
LL6109-4 Condition Severity N
LL6235-7 Harris Hip Score - Limp N
LL6245-6 No bother/Cannot do/Never N
LL6246-4 No bother/Cannot do N
LL6262-1 ***** CLONED FROM - LL1156-0 ***** N
LL6343-9 Foundation Pain Index Score N
LL667-7 MDSv3_J0600B N
LL733-7 Neg|Trace|Small|Mod|Large N