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HIV-Signs and Symptoms Checklist
LOINCs using this list

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Mild LA6752-5
ModerateCopyright ID:6736007 Moderate (severity modifier) (qualifier value) LA6751-7
Severe LA6750-9

LOINC terms using this Answer List

28538-7 Abdominal pain [HIV-SSC]
28375-4 Anxiety [HIV-SSC]
28376-2 Chills [HIV-SSC]
28377-0 Day sweats [HIV-SSC]
28378-8 Depression [HIV-SSC]
28379-6 Diarrhea [HIV-SSC]
28380-4 Difficulty concentrating [HIV-SSC]
28381-2 Disorientation [HIV-SSC]
28382-0 Dry mouth [HIV-SSC]
28383-8 Fatigue [HIV-SSC]
28384-6 Fear [HIV-SSC]
28385-3 Fever [HIV-SSC]
28386-1 Gas /bloating [HIV-SSC]
28387-9 Lack of appetite [HIV-SSC]
28388-7 Loose stools [HIV-SSC]
28389-5 Memory loss [HIV-SSC]
28390-3 Muscle aches [HIV-SSC]
28391-1 Nausea [HIV-SSC]
28392-9 Night sweats [HIV-SSC]
28393-7 Painful joints [HIV-SSC]
28394-5 Shortness of breath at rest [HIV-SSC]
28395-2 Shortness of breath with activity [HIV-SSC]
28396-0 Thirsty [HIV-SSC]
28397-8 Vomiting [HIV-SSC]
28398-6 Weakness [HIV-SSC]
28399-4 Wheezing [HIV-SSC]

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