Version 2.77

Maturity: Beta

  1. The LOINC Groups project is a work in progress. The contents of this file may change from release to release as we receive feedback from users and refine our processes.
  2. The contents of the file and the groupings MUST be validated by the user prior to implementation in any aspect of clinical care. We have created Groups that may be useful in specific contexts, but these Groups have not been vetted for use in either patient care or research and should be used with caution.
  3. More information on LOINC Groups is available on our website.

Basic Attributes

Version First Released
Pending promotion to Production status (Beta)
Parent Group
LG90-3  DocOnt<SAME:TypeOfService|KindOfDocument><ROLLUP:Setting|SMD|Role>
Group Category
Document groups

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ValueSet definition
ValueSet expansion$expand?url=

LOINC terms in Group

LOINC Long Common Name
101059-4 Geriatric medicine Letter
101893-6 Physical medicine and rehab Letter
101894-4 Cardiology Letter
51852-2 Letter
68555-2 Hematology+Medical oncology Hospital Letter
68567-7 Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Letter
68571-9 Occupational therapy Hospital Letter
68576-8 Ophthalmology Hospital Letter
68585-9 Orthopaedic surgery Hospital Letter
68593-3 Plastic surgery Letter
68598-2 Plastic surgery Hospital Letter
68609-7 Hospital Letter
68620-4 Adolescent medicine Hospital Letter
68624-6 Heart failure+Transplant cardiology Hospital Letter
68634-5 Allergy and Immunology Hospital Letter
68649-3 Child and adolescent psychiatry Hospital Letter
68662-6 Clinical genetics Hospital Letter
68671-7 Developmental-behavioral pediatrics Hospital Letter
68682-4 Multi-specialty program Hospital Letter
68684-0 Neonatal perinatal medicine Letter
68686-5 Neonatal perinatal medicine Hospital Letter
68695-6 Neurological surgery Hospital Letter
68707-9 Neurology with special qualifications in child neurology Hospital Letter
68717-8 Pain medicine Hospital Letter
68728-5 Pediatric cardiology Hospital Letter
68747-5 Pediatric gastroenterology Hospital Letter
68758-2 Pediatric hematology-oncology Hospital Letter
68766-5 Pediatric infectious diseases Hospital Letter
68789-7 Pediatric pulmonology Hospital Letter
68803-6 Pediatric surgery Hospital Letter
68813-5 Pediatric urology Hospital Letter
68826-7 Pediatrics Hospital Letter
68838-2 Primary care Hospital Letter
68847-3 Speech-language pathology Hospital Letter
68853-1 Transplant surgery Hospital Letter
68865-5 Pediatric transplant hepatology Hospital Letter
68866-3 Pediatric nephrology Letter
68870-5 Pediatric nephrology Hospital Letter
68875-4 Pediatric otolaryngology Hospital Letter
68880-4 Pediatric rheumatology Hospital Letter
68893-7 Pediatric dermatology Hospital Letter
68898-6 Pediatric endocrinology Hospital Letter
75475-4 Physician Letter
75487-9 Primary care Letter
84028-0 Team Letter
84106-4 Gastroenterology Letter
84336-7 Pathology Letter
85158-4 Pharmacology Letter
85859-7 Womens health Outpatient Letter
89448-5 Obstetrics Hospital Letter
89449-3 Gynecology Hospital Letter
93899-3 Psychiatry Letter
93956-1 Heart failure+Transplant cardiology Letter
97709-0 Mental health Letter