Version 2.76

Maturity: Beta

  1. The LOINC Groups project is a work in progress. The contents of this file may change from release to release as we receive feedback from users and refine our processes.
  2. The contents of the file and the groupings MUST be validated by the user prior to implementation in any aspect of clinical care. We have created Groups that may be useful in specific contexts, but these Groups have not been vetted for use in either patient care or research and should be used with caution.
  3. More information on LOINC Groups is available on our website.

Group Description

This parent group contains individual groups for each Type of Service+Kind of Note combination in the Document Ontology, regardless of Subject Matter Domain, Role, and Setting.
Source: Regenstrief LOINC

Basic Attributes

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Pending promotion to Production status (Beta)

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ValueSet definition
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Groups within this Parent Group

LOINC Group Group Name
LG51464-2 Action plan|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38856-7 Administrative note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38747-8 Admission evaluation note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38752-8 Admission history and physical note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38919-3 Admission notification note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38912-8 Adverse event note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG41788-7 Agreement|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG41723-4 Alert|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38913-6 Annual evaluation note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG50870-1 Care management note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38840-1 Case report|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38901-1 Checklist|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38812-0 Comprehensive history and physical note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38813-8 Conference note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38833-6 Confirmatory consultation note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38842-7 Consent|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38750-2 Consultation note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG51282-8 Controlled substance agreement|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38760-1 Counseling note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG51068-1 COVID-19 note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG51067-3 COVID-19+Consultation note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG50999-8 COVID-19+Initial evaluation form|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG51023-6 COVID-19+Intubation+Consultation note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG51413-9 COVID-19+Intubation+Progress note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG51414-7 COVID-19+Progress note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38904-5 Crisis intervention note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38905-2 Daily or end of shift signout note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38832-8 Diagnostic study note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38923-5 Diagram|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38843-5 Discharge instructions|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38920-1 Discharge notification note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38746-0 Discharge summary note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38897-1 Discharge teaching note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38933-4 Disease staging note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38762-7 Education note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38751-0 Evaluation and management note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38756-9 Evaluation and management of anticoagulation note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38757-7 Evaluation and management of hyperlipidemia note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38758-5 Evaluation and management of hypertension note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38854-2 Evaluation and management of overweight and obesity note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG50071-6 Evaluation and management of radiation exposure note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38848-4 Evaluation and management of smoking cessation note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38847-6 Evaluation note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38855-9 Fall risk assessment note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38899-7 Flowsheet|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG50103-7 Fluid management note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38900-3 Form|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38754-4 Group counseling note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38753-6 History and physical note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38945-8 Immunization note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38853-4 Individual counseling note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38742-9 Initial evaluation note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38763-5 Interventional procedure note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38831-0 Letter|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38935-9 Living will|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38921-9 Mandatory reporting form|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG51415-4 Mechanical circulatory support+progress note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38932-6 Medical clearance note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38911-0 Medical equipment or product list|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG41724-2 Medical equipment or product note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG50954-3 Medical history screening form|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38850-0 Medication management note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38748-6 Note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38929-2 Outreach note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG41769-7 Parenteral therapy note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG51049-1 Photographic image|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38745-2 Plan of care note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38761-9 Postoperative evaluation and management note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38749-4 Preoperative evaluation and management note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38811-2 Procedure note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38741-1 Progress note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38824-5 Referral note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38895-5 Registry report|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38922-7 Report|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38930-0 Respite note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38849-2 Restraint note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38894-8 Risk assessment and screening note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38910-2 Safety issue assessment note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38844-3 Summary note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38867-4 Summary of death note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38814-6 Summary of episode note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38852-6 Summary registry report|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38815-3 Supervisory note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38755-1 Surgical operation note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38744-5 Transfer summary note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38915-1 Transplant candidate evaluation note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38898-9 Treatment plan note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38818-7 Triage note|ANYRole|ANYSetting
LG38907-8 Visit notification note|ANYRole|ANYSetting