Version 2.77

Maturity: Beta

  1. The LOINC Groups project is a work in progress. The contents of this file may change from release to release as we receive feedback from users and refine our processes.
  2. The contents of the file and the groupings MUST be validated by the user prior to implementation in any aspect of clinical care. We have created Groups that may be useful in specific contexts, but these Groups have not been vetted for use in either patient care or research and should be used with caution.
  3. More information on LOINC Groups is available on our website.

Basic Attributes

Version First Released
Pending promotion to Production status (Beta)
Parent Group
LG90-3  DocOnt<SAME:TypeOfService|KindOfDocument><ROLLUP:Setting|SMD|Role>
Group Category
Document groups

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ValueSet definition
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LOINC terms in Group

LOINC Long Common Name
75448-1 Nurse Flowsheet
77437-2 Cardiology Flowsheet
77438-0 Allergy and Immunology Flowsheet
77439-8 Audiology Flowsheet
77440-6 Critical care medicine Flowsheet
77441-4 Child and adolescent psychiatry Flowsheet
78291-2 Hematology Flowsheet
78292-0 Surgery Flowsheet
78293-8 Infectious disease Flowsheet
78294-6 Dermatology Flowsheet
78295-3 Endocrinology Flowsheet
78296-1 Mental health Flowsheet
78297-9 Gastroenterology Flowsheet
78298-7 General medicine Flowsheet
78299-5 Family medicine Flowsheet
78300-1 Colon and rectal surgery Flowsheet
78301-9 Dentistry Flowsheet
78302-7 Emergency medicine Emergency department Flowsheet
78303-5 Emergency department Flowsheet
78304-3 Clinical genetics Flowsheet
78446-2 Surgical critical care Flowsheet
78454-6 Multi-specialty program Flowsheet
78455-3 Neonatal perinatal medicine Flowsheet
78456-1 Nephrology Flowsheet
78457-9 Neurological surgery Flowsheet
78458-7 Neurology Flowsheet
78459-5 Nurse practitioner Flowsheet
78460-3 Nutrition and dietetics Flowsheet
78461-1 Occupational therapy Flowsheet
78462-9 Oncology Flowsheet
78500-6 Cardiopulmonary Flowsheet
78616-0 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Flowsheet
78617-8 Optometry Flowsheet
78618-6 Otolaryngology Flowsheet
78619-4 Physical medicine and rehab Flowsheet
78620-2 Vascular surgery Flowsheet
78621-0 Pain medicine Flowsheet
78622-8 Urology Flowsheet
78623-6 Sports medicine Flowsheet
78624-4 Primary care Flowsheet
78625-1 Psychiatry Flowsheet
78626-9 Cardiothoracic surgery Flowsheet
78627-7 Pediatric surgery Flowsheet
78628-5 Radiation oncology Flowsheet
78629-3 Transplant surgery Flowsheet
78630-1 Podiatry Flowsheet
78631-9 Orthopaedic surgery Flowsheet
78632-7 Speech-language pathology Flowsheet
78633-5 Plastic surgery Flowsheet
78634-3 Pediatrics Flowsheet
78635-0 Recreational therapy Flowsheet
78636-8 Palliative care Flowsheet
78637-6 Physical therapy Flowsheet
78638-4 Ophthalmology Flowsheet
78639-2 Rheumatology Flowsheet
78640-0 Respiratory therapy Flowsheet
78641-8 Psychology Flowsheet
78711-9 Obstetrics and Gynecology Flowsheet
80567-1 Flowsheet
80572-1 Cardiac surgery Flowsheet
80794-1 Pulmonary Flowsheet
80803-0 Surgical oncology Flowsheet
80817-0 Geriatric medicine Flowsheet
82362-5 Reproductive endocrinology and infertility Flowsheet
84058-7 Anesthesiology Flowsheet
84243-5 Nurse Intensive care unit Flowsheet
89237-2 Gynecology Flowsheet
89238-0 Obstetrics Flowsheet
95751-4 Immunology Flowsheet
95758-9 Allergy Flowsheet