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Maturity: Beta

  1. The LOINC Groups project is a work in progress. The contents of this file may change from release to release as we receive feedback from users and refine our processes.
  2. The contents of the file and the groupings MUST be validated by the user prior to implementation in any aspect of clinical care. We have created Groups that may be useful in specific contexts, but these Groups have not been vetted for use in either patient care or research and should be used with caution.
  3. More information on LOINC Groups is available on our website.

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LOINC terms in Group

LOINC Long Common Name
100438-1 Adolescent medicine Outpatient Progress note
100439-9 Allergy and Immunology Outpatient Progress note
100440-7 Allergy Outpatient Progress note
100441-5 Attending Outpatient Progress note
100442-3 Audiology Outpatient Progress note
100443-1 Bariatric surgery Outpatient Progress note
100444-9 Blood banking and transfusion medicine Outpatient Progress note
100445-6 Bone Marrow Transplant Outpatient Progress note
100446-4 Breastfeeding Outpatient Progress note
100447-2 Burn management Outpatient Progress note
100448-0 Cardiac surgery Outpatient Progress note
100449-8 Cardiopulmonary Outpatient Progress note
100450-6 Child and adolescent psychiatry Outpatient Progress note
100451-4 Chiropractic medicine Outpatient Progress note
100452-2 Clinical cardiac electrophysiology Outpatient Progress note
100453-0 Clinical genetics Outpatient Progress note
100454-8 Clinical neurophysiology Outpatient Progress note
100455-5 Clinical pathology Outpatient Progress note
100456-3 Colon and rectal surgery Outpatient Progress note
100457-1 Consultant Outpatient Progress note
100458-9 Outpatient COVID-19 Intubation Progress note
100459-7 Outpatient COVID-19 Progress note
100460-5 Dermatology Outpatient Progress note
100461-3 Developmental-behavioral pediatrics Outpatient Progress note
100462-1 Dialysis and Therapeutic apheresis Outpatient Progress note
100463-9 Eating disorders Outpatient Progress note
100464-7 Endocrinology Outpatient Progress note
100465-4 Family medicine Outpatient Progress note
100466-2 Gastroenterology Outpatient Progress note
100467-0 Geriatric medicine Outpatient Progress note
100468-8 Gynecologic oncology Outpatient Progress note
100469-6 Gynecology Outpatient Progress note
100470-4 Healthcare navigator Outpatient Progress note
100471-2 Heart failure Outpatient Progress note
100472-0 Heart failure+Transplant cardiology Outpatient Progress note
100473-8 Hematology Outpatient Progress note
100474-6 Hematology+Medical oncology Outpatient Progress note
100475-3 Hepatology Outpatient Progress note
100476-1 Immunology Outpatient Progress note
100477-9 Infectious disease Outpatient Progress note
100478-7 Internal medicine Outpatient Progress note
100479-5 Interventional cardiology Outpatient Progress note
100480-3 Interventional radiology Outpatient Progress note
100481-1 Outpatient Mechanical circulatory support Progress note
100482-9 Medical Aid in Dying Outpatient Progress note
100483-7 Mental health Outpatient Progress note
100484-5 Multi-specialty program Outpatient Progress note
100485-2 Neonatal perinatal medicine Outpatient Progress note
100486-0 Nephrology Outpatient Progress note
100487-8 Neurological surgery Outpatient Progress note
100488-6 Neurology Outpatient Progress note
100489-4 Neurology with special qualifications in child neurology Outpatient Progress note
100490-2 Nurse practitioner Outpatient Progress note
100491-0 Nurse Outpatient Progress note
100492-8 Nutrition and dietetics Outpatient Progress note
100493-6 Obstetrics and Gynecology Outpatient Progress note
100494-4 Obstetrics Outpatient Progress note
100495-1 Occupational therapy Outpatient Progress note
100496-9 Oncology Outpatient Progress note
100497-7 Ophthalmology Outpatient Progress note
100498-5 Optometry Outpatient Progress note
100499-3 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Outpatient Progress note
100500-8 Orthopaedic surgery Outpatient Progress note
100501-6 Orthotics prosthetics Outpatient Progress note
100502-4 Otolaryngology Outpatient Progress note
100503-2 Pain medicine Outpatient Progress note
100504-0 Palliative care Outpatient Progress note
100505-7 Pediatric cardiology Outpatient Progress note
100506-5 Pediatric dermatology Outpatient Progress note
100507-3 Pediatric endocrinology Outpatient Progress note
100508-1 Pediatric gastroenterology Outpatient Progress note
100509-9 Pediatric hematology-oncology Outpatient Progress note
100510-7 Pediatric infectious diseases Outpatient Progress note
100511-5 Pediatric otolaryngology Outpatient Progress note
100512-3 Pediatric pulmonology Outpatient Progress note
100513-1 Pediatric rheumatology Outpatient Progress note
100514-9 Pediatric surgery Outpatient Progress note
100515-6 Pediatric transplant hepatology Outpatient Progress note
100516-4 Pediatric urology Outpatient Progress note
100517-2 Pharmacogenomics Outpatient Progress note
100518-0 Physical medicine and rehab Outpatient Progress note
100519-8 Physical therapy Outpatient Progress note
100520-6 Plastic surgery Outpatient Progress note
100521-4 Podiatry Outpatient Progress note
100523-0 Psychology Outpatient Progress note
100524-8 Pulmonary Outpatient Progress note
100525-5 Radiation oncology Outpatient Progress note
100526-3 Radiology Outpatient Progress note
100527-1 Recreational therapy Outpatient Progress note
100528-9 Reproductive endocrinology and infertility Outpatient Progress note
100529-7 Research Outpatient Progress note
100530-5 Rheumatology Outpatient Progress note
100531-3 Sleep medicine Outpatient Progress note
100532-1 Social worker Outpatient Progress note
100533-9 Solid Organ Transplant Outpatient Progress note
100534-7 Speech-language pathology Outpatient Progress note
100535-4 Spinal surgery Outpatient Progress note
100536-2 Sports medicine Outpatient Progress note
100537-0 Surgery of the hand Outpatient Progress note
100539-6 Thromboembolism Outpatient Progress note
100540-4 Transplant surgery Outpatient Progress note
100541-2 Trauma Outpatient Progress note
100542-0 Urology Outpatient Progress note
100543-8 Vascular neurology Outpatient Progress note
100544-6 Vascular surgery Outpatient Progress note
100545-3 Wound care management Outpatient Progress note
100546-1 Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Care Outpatient Progress note
100656-8 Maternal and fetal medicine Outpatient Progress note
100661-8 Psychiatry Outpatient Progress note
100697-2 Interventional radiology Outpatient Note
101054-5 Chiropody Outpatient Note
103545-0 Physical medicine and rehab Outpatient Consult note
103549-2 Gastroenterology Outpatient Consult note
103550-0 Physical therapy Outpatient Evaluation note
103551-8 Brain injury Outpatient Note
103793-6 Mental health Outpatient Consult note
103794-4 Psychiatry Outpatient Consult note
103795-1 Outpatient Discharge instructions
103796-9 Outpatient Instructions
103797-7 Audiology Outpatient Note
103798-5 Child and adolescent psychiatry Outpatient Note
103801-7 Speech-language pathology Outpatient Note
103803-3 Surgery Outpatient Progress note
103804-1 Surgical oncology Outpatient Progress note
103972-6 Cardiology Outpatient Rehabilitation Note
104066-6 Hospitalist Outpatient Consult note
104070-8 Outpatient Audiology note
104123-5 Vascular Access Outpatient Note
24611-6 Outpatient Consultation 2nd opinion
34101-6 General medicine Outpatient Consult note
34108-1 Outpatient Note
34110-7 Diabetology Outpatient Note
34120-6 Outpatient Initial evaluation note
34124-8 Cardiology Outpatient Progress note
34127-1 Dentistry Hygienist Outpatient Progress note
34128-9 Dentistry Outpatient Progress note
34131-3 Outpatient Progress note
34132-1 Pharmacology Outpatient Progress note
34134-7 Attending Outpatient Supervisory note
34135-4 Cardiology Attending Outpatient Supervisory note
34136-2 Gastroenterology Attending Outpatient Supervisory note
34137-0 Outpatient Surgical operation note
34749-2 Anesthesiology Outpatient Consult note
34753-4 Cardiology Outpatient Note
34766-6 General medicine Outpatient Note
34850-8 Cardiothoracic surgery Outpatient Note
34854-0 Vascular surgery Outpatient Note
34867-2 Ophthalmology Outpatient Postoperative evaluation and management note
34901-9 General medicine Outpatient Progress note
34902-7 Geriatric medicine Outpatient Education note
51845-6 Outpatient Consult note
67855-7 Outpatient Education note
67865-6 Outpatient Supervisory note
68601-4 Psychiatry Outpatient Note
75436-6 Internal medicine Outpatient Note
75443-2 Mental health Outpatient Note
75453-1 Nurse Outpatient Note
75462-2 Ophthalmology Outpatient Note
75469-7 Pharmacology Outpatient Note
75480-4 Podiatry Outpatient Note
75483-8 Preventive medicine Outpatient Note
75493-7 Surgery Outpatient Note
75501-7 Urology Outpatient Note
75609-8 Birth defects Outpatient Registry report
83519-9 Cardiology Attending Outpatient Note
83528-0 Cardiology Fellow Outpatient Note
83532-2 Cardiology Nurse Outpatient Note
83556-1 Nurse practitioner Outpatient Note
83566-0 Allergy and Immunology Nurse Outpatient Note
83569-4 Dermatology Nurse Outpatient Note
83572-8 Diabetology Nurse Outpatient Note
83573-6 Endocrinology Nurse Outpatient Note
83574-4 Ophthalmology Nurse Outpatient Note
83576-9 Gastroenterology Nurse Outpatient Note
83580-1 Hematology+Medical oncology Nurse Outpatient Note
83584-3 Nephrology Nurse Outpatient Note
83586-8 Neurology Nurse Outpatient Note
83588-4 Obstetrics and gynecology Nurse Outpatient Note
83591-8 Otolaryngology Nurse Outpatient Note
83596-7 Rheumatology Nurse Outpatient Note
83598-3 Urology Nurse Outpatient Note
83604-9 Orthopaedic surgery Nurse Outpatient Note
83606-4 Plastic surgery Nurse Outpatient Note
83608-0 Podiatry Nurse Outpatient Note
83615-5 Surgery Nurse Outpatient Note
83616-3 Surgery Nurse Outpatient procedure note
83619-7 Vascular surgery Nurse Outpatient Note
83623-9 Geriatric medicine Nurse Outpatient Note
83627-0 Infectious disease Nurse Outpatient Note
83634-6 Mental health Nurse Outpatient Note
83639-5 Pulmonary Nurse Outpatient Note
83648-6 Pain medicine Nurse Outpatient Note
83649-4 Pain medicine Outpatient Initial evaluation note
83650-2 Pain medicine Outpatient Note
83651-0 Pain medicine Outpatient procedure note
83674-2 Surgery Attending Outpatient Note
83724-5 Physical medicine and rehab Outpatient Initial evaluation note
83725-2 Physical medicine and rehab Outpatient Note
83788-0 Pulmonary Attending Outpatient Note
83798-9 Physician Outpatient Note
83808-6 Physician assistant Outpatient Note
83821-9 Attending Outpatient Note
83852-4 Plastic surgery Outpatient Note
83860-7 Podiatry Outpatient Risk assessment and screening note
83890-4 Psychiatry Outpatient Group counseling note
83905-0 Psychology Outpatient Note
83915-9 Pulmonary Outpatient Note
83918-3 Radiation oncology Outpatient Note
83928-2 Recreational therapy Outpatient Note
83937-3 Research Outpatient Note
83945-6 Respiratory therapy Outpatient Note
83948-0 Rheumatology Outpatient Note
83975-3 Social worker Outpatient Group counseling note
83976-1 Social worker Outpatient Note
84003-3 Spinal cord injury medicine Nurse Outpatient Note
84004-1 Spinal cord injury medicine Outpatient Annual evaluation note
84005-8 Spinal cord injury medicine Outpatient Note
84018-1 Surgery Outpatient Discharge summary
84019-9 Surgery Outpatient History and physical note
84020-7 Surgery Outpatient Surgical operation note
84021-5 Surgery Outpatient procedure note
84032-2 Team Outpatient Note
84036-3 Transplant surgery Outpatient Note
84044-7 Urology Outpatient procedure note
84051-2 Vascular surgery Outpatient Postoperative evaluation and management note
84057-9 Allergy and Immunology Outpatient Note
84060-3 Anesthesiology Outpatient Note
84080-1 Dermatology Outpatient Note
84081-9 Dermatology Outpatient procedure note
84089-2 Diabetology Outpatient Group counseling note
84090-0 Diabetology Outpatient Initial evaluation note
84091-8 Diabetology Outpatient Risk assessment and screening note
84099-1 Endocrinology Outpatient Note
84107-2 Gastroenterology Outpatient Note
84118-9 Geriatric medicine Outpatient Initial evaluation note
84119-7 Geriatric medicine Outpatient Note
84129-6 Surgery of the hand Outpatient Note
84145-2 Hematology+Medical oncology Outpatient Consult note
84146-0 Hematology+Medical oncology Outpatient Note
84157-7 Hepatology Outpatient Note
84169-2 Infectious disease Outpatient Note
84184-1 Kinesiotherapy Outpatient Note
84189-0 Licensed practical nurse Outpatient Note
84207-0 Mental health Outpatient Group counseling note
84208-8 Mental health Outpatient Initial evaluation note
84209-6 Mental health Outpatient Risk assessment and screening note
84210-4 Mental health Outpatient Plan of care note
84222-9 Nephrology Outpatient Note
84229-4 Neurology Outpatient Note
84237-7 Neurological surgery Outpatient Note
84265-8 Nurse Outpatient Evaluation and management of anticoagulation note
84266-6 Nurse Outpatient Initial evaluation note
84267-4 Nurse Outpatient Medication management note
84268-2 Nurse Outpatient Surgical operation note
84269-0 Nurse Outpatient Triage note
84288-0 Nutrition and dietetics Outpatient Initial evaluation note
84289-8 Nutrition and dietetics Outpatient Note
84290-6 Nutrition and dietetics Outpatient Risk assessment and screening note
84318-5 Physical therapy Outpatient Note
84319-3 Physical therapy Outpatient Initial evaluation note
84320-1 Physical therapy Outpatient Education note
84321-9 Physical therapy Outpatient Discharge summary
84335-9 Pathology Outpatient Note
84341-7 Pastoral care Outpatient Note
84355-7 Palliative care Outpatient Note
84361-5 Interdisciplinary Outpatient Note
84364-9 Otolaryngology Outpatient Note
84370-6 Orthotics prosthetics Outpatient Note
84375-5 Orthopaedic surgery Outpatient procedure note
84376-3 Orthopaedic surgery Outpatient Note
84381-3 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Outpatient Note
84384-7 Obstetrics and Gynecology Outpatient Note
84390-4 Occupational medicine Outpatient Note
84400-1 Occupational therapy Outpatient Note
84408-4 Ophthalmology Outpatient procedure note
84411-8 Optometry Outpatient Note
85162-6 Pharmacology Nurse Outpatient Evaluation and management of anticoagulation note
85163-4 Pharmacology Outpatient Counseling note
85164-2 Pharmacology Outpatient Evaluation and management of anticoagulation note
85165-9 Pharmacology Outpatient Evaluation and management of hyperlipidemia note
85166-7 Pharmacology Outpatient Medication management note
85202-0 Outpatient Evaluation and management of smoking cessation note
85225-1 Case manager Outpatient Note
85858-9 Womens health Outpatient Note
85859-7 Womens health Outpatient Letter
85860-5 Womens health Outpatient History and physical note
85861-3 Womens health Nurse Outpatient Note
85945-4 Surgery Outpatient Postoperative evaluation and management note
85946-2 Surgery Outpatient Preoperative evaluation and management note
85947-0 Surgery Nurse Outpatient Preoperative evaluation and management note
87249-9 Addiction medicine Outpatient Note
87270-5 Nurse Outpatient Immunization note
89430-3 Outpatient Medical history screening form
89460-0 Obstetrics Outpatient Note
89461-8 Gynecology Outpatient Note
89462-6 Obstetrics Nurse Outpatient Note
89463-4 Gynecology Nurse Outpatient Note
89877-5 Clinical genetics Outpatient Note
89878-3 Adolescent medicine Outpatient Note
89879-1 Pediatrics Outpatient Note
89880-9 Neonatal perinatal medicine Outpatient Note
89881-7 Developmental-behavioral pediatrics Outpatient Note
89882-5 Sports medicine Outpatient Note
90005-0 Pharmacogenomics Outpatient Note
90708-9 Trauma Outpatient Note
90711-3 Sleep medicine Outpatient Note
91984-5 Outpatient Care management note
91985-2 Integrative medicine Outpatient Note
92909-1 Aerodigestive medicine Outpatient Note
92911-7 Eating disorders Outpatient Note
92914-1 Immunology Outpatient Note
93036-2 Cleft and Craniofacial Outpatient Note
93954-6 Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Care Outpatient Note
95408-1 Cardiopulmonary Outpatient Note
95592-2 Cardiac surgery Outpatient Note
96336-3 Environmental health Outpatient Note
96337-1 Hematology Outpatient Note
96341-3 Obesity medicine Outpatient Note
96343-9 Oncology Outpatient Note
96345-4 Outpatient Summary note
96348-8 Radiology Outpatient Note
96352-0 Wound care management Outpatient Note
97711-6 Heart failure Outpatient Note
97731-4 Outpatient Stroke prevention note
98145-6 Outpatient Visit notification