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NEMSIS_18_head assessment
Normal/Bleeding controlled/Bleeding uncontrolled/Burn/Decapitation/Drainage/Gunshot wound/Laceration/Mass/lesion/Puncture/stab wound/Swelling/bruising/contusion with pain, etc - HEAD ASSESSMENT
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Answer List

Code System
Code System OID
Answer Code Score Answer ID
Abrasion 3505001 LA7410-9
Avulsion 3505003 LA18220-6
Bleeding controlled 3505005 LA17208-2
Bleeding uncontrolled 3505007 LA17209-0
Burn, blistering 3505009 LA18221-4
Burn, charring 3505011 LA18222-2
Burn, redness 3505013 LA18223-0
Burn, white/waxy 3505015 LA18224-8
Decapitation 3505017 LA17210-8
Deformity 3505019 LA18225-5
Drainage 3505021 LA17211-6
Foreign body 3505023 LA18226-3
Laceration 3505029 LA7452-1
Mass/lesion 3505031 LA17213-2
NormalCopyright ID:17621005 Normal (qualifier value) 3505033 LA6626-1
Pain 3505037 LA7460-4
Puncture/stab wound 3505039 LA17214-0
Gunshot wound 3505045 LA17212-4
Contusion 3505051 LA7423-2
Crush injury 3505047 LA17229-8
Swelling 3505049 LA22440-4
Tenderness 3505053 LA17709-9

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67525-6 Physical findings of Head NEMSIS

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