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Basic Properties

NEMSIS_37_safety equipment
Child booster seat/Eye protection/Helmet worn/Infant car seat forward facing/Infant car seat rear facing/Lap belt with shoulder belt/Lap belt without shoulder belt, etc OCC SAFETY EQUIP
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Answer List

Code System
Code System OID
Answer Code Score Answer ID
Child booster seat 2907001 LA17375-9
Eye protection 2907003 LA9391-9
Helmet worn 2907005 LA17376-7
Infant car seat forward facing 2907007 LA17377-5
Infant car seat rear facing 2907009 LA17378-3
Shoulder and lap belt used 2907027 LA17379-1
Lap belt only used 2907029 LA17380-9
NoneCopyright ID:260413007 None (qualifier value) 2907015 LA137-2
Personal floatation device 2907019 LA17381-7
Protective clothing 2907021 LA9392-7
Protective non-clothing gear 2907023 LA17382-5
Shoulder belt only used 2907031 LA24961-7
Unable to determine 2907033 LA11137-9

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67499-4 Safety equipment NEMSIS

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