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Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL1015-8 [PROMIS] None|Mild|Moderate|Severe|Very severe N
LL1018-2 [PROMIS] None|1 day|2-3 days|4-5 days|6-7 days N
LL1148-7 PhenX08_15_natural teeth amt N
LL1162-8 Quantity (5 answers, ord) N
LL1173-5 PhenX09_12_wheezing amt N
LL1230-3 PhenX10_41_ night urination freq N
LL124-9 CR_1646_Surgery site N
LL1245-1 PhenX11_07_child strabismus tx N
LL1246-9 PhenX11_08_myopia tx N
LL1349-1 PhenX12_79_morning, evening preference N
LL1375-6 PhenX13_10_sensory symptoms N
LL1376-4 PhenX13_11_ motor symptoms N
LL1377-2 PhenX13_12_motor symptoms, arms N
LL1423-4 PhenX14_17_aids for walk N
LL1466-3 PhenX07_31_exercise Hs N
LL1570-2 PhenX13_47_body bradykinesia - hypokinesia N
LL1634-6 PhenX18_17_fracture treatment N
LL1668-4 PhenX19_14_hyperplastic polyps N
LL1671-8 PhenX19_17_adenoma dysplasia N
LL1735-1 FeedingType N
LL1736-9 MaternalFactors N
LL1783-1 Pediatric Coma Scale - Motor - <5Y N
LL1784-9 Pediatric Coma Scale - Motor - >5Y N
LL1785-6 Pediatric Coma Scale - Verbal - 0-23 Mos N
LL1786-4 Pediatric Coma Scale - Verbal - 2-5 Ys N
LL1787-2 Pediatric Coma Scale - Verbal - >5 Ys N
LL1818-5 NEMSIS_31_adv directive N
LL1824-3 NEMSIS_37_safety equipment N
LL1827-6 NEMSIS_40_med complication N
LL1829-2 NEMSIS_42_blood/fluid exposure N
LL1831-8 NEMSIS_44_procedure complication N
LL1841-7 NEMSIS_55_pts at scene N
LL1881-3 NeuroQol_06 N
LL1883-9 NEMSIS_72 N
LL1891-2 FMQAI_12_Payment source N
LL1966-2 PhenX14_36_amount of dextrose consumed N
LL2001-7 NEMSIS_84_environ allergies N
LL2089-2 None|1+|2+|3+ N
LL2094-2 NBS Hb N
LL2155-1 VA-36-body pain N
LL2194-0 RHEA - person attending birth N
LL2221-1 Dressing purposes N
LL227-0 CR_670_Surgical protocol N
LL2273-2 Resp viruses N
LL235-3 CR_920_Pathology descriptor N
LL241-1 CR_980_Clincial staging descriptor N
LL2871-3 None|Occasional|1+|2+|3+|4+ N
LL3065-1 None|Few|Mod|Many N
LL3132-9 IEEE_heater type N
LL3180-8 20150106-APTASet1_3 N
LL3181-6 20150106-APTASet1_4 N
LL3187-3 20150106-APTASet1_10 N
LL3189-9 20150106-APTASet1_12 N
LL3190-7 20150106-APTASet1_13 N
LL3191-5 20150106-APTASet1_14 N
LL3195-6 20150106-APTASet1_18 N
LL3258-2 APTA AnswerLists N
LL34-0 MDS_1441_MDS proportion N
LL3509-8 UPDRS_Intellectual impairment N
LL351-8 ART_2_Prior N
LL3510-6 UPDRS_Thought disorder N
LL3511-4 UPDRS_Depression N
LL3522-1 UPDRS_Freezing when walking N
LL3525-4 UPDRS_Sensory complaints related to parkinsonism N
LL3537-9 UPDRS_Ave proportion waking day patient is "off" N
LL3600-5 None|Trace|Mild|Mild-to-mod|Mod|Mod-to-sev|Severe N
LL3638-5 Heparin|Saline|None|Other|Unknown N
LL3649-2 UPDRS_Body bradykinesia and hypokinesia N
LL3686-4 Diseased coronary segment categories N
LL37-3 MDS_1612_Avg time in activities N
LL3729-2 [NEI] Gross eye defects N
LL3734-2 [NEI] Oculary history N
LL3736-7 [NEI] Previous ophthalmologic treatment N
LL3738-3 [NEI] Strabismus type N
LL3739-1 [NEI] Ophthalmologic disease related systemic find N
LL3740-9 [NEI] Tetraparesis type N
LL3741-7 [NEI] Tissue types positive for axonal spheroids N
LL3758-1 [NEI] Visual field defect findings N
LL3764-9 [NEI] Chorioretinal findings N
LL3765-6 [NEI] Macula exam findings N
LL3773-0 [NEI] Anterior chamber slit lamp findings N
LL3774-8 [NEI] Conjunctiva and sclera slit lamp findings N
LL3775-5 [NEI] Cornea slit lamp findings N
LL3776-3 [NEI] Iris slit lamp findings N
LL3777-1 [NEI] Lens slit lamp findings N
LL3779-7 [NEI] Lids and lashes slit lamp findings N
LL3781-3 [NEI] Vitreous slit lamp findings N
LL3799-5 20150908-MAYO_3 N
LL3882-9 [APTA] Surgery relevant to physical therapy N
LL3943-9 Absent | Pancreas | Spleen | Liver | Other N
LL395-5 QAM_6_Fear-anxiety N
LL3961-1 None | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 or more N
LL3982-7 None|Mild|Moderate|Severe|Resolved N
LL4044-5 S282T | NONE N
LL4051-0 None(0)|Mild(1)|Moderate(2)|Severe(3)|Extreme(4) N
LL4071-8 Short course|Long course|None N
LL4100-5 [ALSFRS-R] Dyspnea N
LL4101-3 [ALSFRS-R] Orthopnea N
LL4102-1 [ALSFRS-R] Respiratory insufficiency N
LL4123-7 PCORI_Smoked_v_non-smoked_tobacco N
LL4135-1 Platelet aggregation inhibitors N
LL4136-9 Anticoagulant medications N
LL4137-7 Preoperative procedures N
LL4146-8 LL4146-8 N
LL4160-9 LL4160-9 N
LL43-1 MDS_1942_Significant other participation N
LL4371-2 CAP_lymphocytic response N
LL4478-5 None|Mild|Moderate|Severe|Very Severe N
LL456-5 CR_690_Radiation treatment N
LL457-3 CR_720_Transplant treatment N
LL4578-2 Birth control methods N
LL458-1 CR_700_Chemo treatment N
LL459-9 CR_710_Hormone treatment N
LL4629-3 NTDB_Cerebral Monitor N
LL4650-9 Sufficient|Insufficient|None N
LL4656-6 Minimal|Moderate|Severe N
LL4671-5 UPDRS_Falling N
LL4675-6 Treatments or procedures for abnormal Pap N
LL4697-0 None|Occasional|Mild|Moderate|Marked N
LL4748-1 NTDS_ED_17_Drug Screen N
LL4752-3 NTDS_I_14_Protective devices N
LL488-8 DEEDS4.14_1st GCS-eye N
LL4883-6 KOOS N
LL489-6 DEEDS4.15_1st GCS-verbal N
LL490-4 DEEDS4.16_1st GCS-motor N
LL4999-0 Circulatory assistive devices N
LL5003-0 Eog admin assistance N
LL5014-7 APTA_Assistive technology N
LL5016-2 APTA_Instruction provided N
LL5018-8 APTA_Biophysical agent N
LL5073-3 Treatment on specimen N
LL5076-6 Amount of meal eaten N
LL5200-2 [PUSH 3.0] Exudate amount N
LL5254-9 Endemic Diseases N
LL5318-2 Never | One | More than one | Unknown N
LL5322-4 Resistance conferred by variant N
LL5473-5 None|A little|Medium|A lot N
LL5496-6 Religious belief N
LL552-1 CARE_3_Da_Current Medical Information N
LL5533-6 None|Mod|Serious|Severe|Unk|Not Assessed N
LL5539-3 none|min|mod|serious|severe|unk|not assessed N
LL559-6 CARE_4_b03a_Three words first repetition N
LL574-5 CARE_5_B1_Swallowing Disorder N
LL5764-7 None|1+|2+|3+|4+|5+|6+ N
LL5793-6 None/A little/Quite a lot/Extreme N
LL58-9 CR_1050_Descriptor stage N
LL5817-3 None/More than 21 days N
LL5828-0 Spine Tango - Therapeutic goals/measures N
LL5829-8 Spine Tango - Meds Spinal surgery/pathology N
LL5833-0 Spine Tango - Therapeutic consequences N
LL5834-8 Sping Tango - Individual Consequences N
LL5835-5 Spine Tango - Rehabilitation N
LL5880-1 Hours per day N
LL5896-7 EuroSpine - Pathologies N
LL5902-3 EuroSPine - Components N
LL5911-4 Blood transfusion N
LL5912-2 Decompression N
LL5915-5 Fusion material N
LL5916-3 EuroSpine - Stabilized rigid N
LL5917-1 Deformity correction N
LL5918-9 Stabilization motion preserving N
LL5919-7 Other surgial measures N
LL5920-5 Intraop adverse event N
LL5921-3 Measures during index surgery N
LL5922-1 Intraop general complications N
LL5923-9 PostOp Surgical Complications N
LL5924-7 PostOp General Complications N
LL5925-4 Re-intervention after index surgery N
LL5961-9 Spine Tango - Degeneration Type_Secondary N
LL5968-4 Spine Fusion Measures N
LL6009-6 Encephalopathy Grades N
LL6043-5 None|Abnormal N
LL6045-0 None|Reduced|Single unit|Full N
LL6046-8 None|Poor|Maximal N
LL6050-0 Therapeutic Antibody Treatment N
LL61-3 CR_1090_Metastasis site N
LL6111-0 Lysholm - Limp N
LL6112-8 Lysholm -Support N
LL6120-1 Lysholm - Pain N
LL6121-9 Lysholm - Swelling N
LL6174-8 Medial lateral instability N
LL6175-5 Anterior posterior instability N
LL6213-4 NOMS FCMS Swallow Daily Diet N
LL6228-2 Harris Hip Score - Support N
LL6235-7 Harris Hip Score - Limp N
LL6239-9 Medial / Lateral Instability N
LL6240-7 Anterior / Posterior Instability N
LL6286-0 Protease failed codons N
LL6340-5 PAINAD negative vocalization N
LL66-2 CR_1130_Peds staging coding system N
LL670-1 MDSv3_J1900A N
LL687-5 MDSv3_C0200 N
LL722-0 CARE_1_A3_Other medical services N
LL755-0 howRU N
LL830-1 NBS events N
LL835-0 NBS conditions N
LL837-6 NBS AA susc N
LL838-4 NBS FA susc N
LL839-2 NBS OA susc N
LL862-4 NBS_hear_risk N
LL91-0 CR_1360_Radiation summary N
LL94-4 CR_1390_Chemo N
LL96-9 CR_1400_Hormone treatment N
LL97-7 CR_1400_V9_Hormaine treatment summary N
LL98-5 CR_1410_BRM treatment N