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NEMSIS_42_blood/fluid exposure
None/Death-cardiac arrest/Death-injury related/Death-other (not listed)/Exposure-airborne respiratory/biological/aerosolized secretions/Exposure-body fluid contact to broken skin, etc- BLOOD/FLUID EXPOSURE
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Answer List

Code System
Code System OID
Answer Code Score Answer ID
NoneCopyright ID:260413007 None (qualifier value) 4506027 LA137-2
Death-cardiac arrest 4506001 LA17402-1
Death-injury related 4506003 LA17403-9
Death-other (not listed) 4506005 LA17404-7
Exposure-airborne respiratory/biological/aerosolized secretions 4506007 LA17405-4
Exposure-body fluid contact to broken skin 4506009 LA17406-2
Exposure-body fluid contact with eye 4506011 LA17407-0
Exposure-body fluid contact with intact skin 4506013 LA17408-8
Exposure-body fluid contact with mucosal surface 4506015 LA17409-6
Exposure-needle stick with body fluid injection 4506017 LA17410-4
Exposure-needle stick without body fluid injection 4506019 LA17411-2
Exposure-toxin/chemical/hazmat 4506021 LA17412-0
Injury-lifting/back/musculoskeletal 4506023 LA17413-8
Injury-other (not listed) 4506025 LA17414-6
Other (not listed) 4506029 LA17059-9

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67555-3 Work related exposure, injury, or death Provider NEMSIS type

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