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Newborn Screenin Hemoglobinopathies
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Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
NoneCopyright ID:260413007 None (qualifier value) LA137-2
Likely transfusionCopyright ID:10593005 Posttransfusion state (finding) LA18557-1
Hb SS-disease (sickle cell anemia)Copyright ID:127040003 Sickle cell-hemoglobin SS disease (disorder) LA12614-6
Hb S (sickle)-carrierCopyright ID:16402000 Sickle cell trait (disorder) LA12606-2
Hb S beta plus thalassemiaCopyright ID:127042006 Sickle cell beta plus thalassemia (disorder) LA18558-9
Hb S beta zero thalassemiaCopyright ID:127043001 Sickle cell-beta^0^-thalassemia (disorder) LA18559-7
Hb S beta-thalassemiaCopyright ID:127041004 Sickle cell-beta-thalassemia (disorder) LA12615-3
Hb SC-diseaseCopyright ID:35434009 Sickle cell-hemoglobin C disease (disorder) LA12616-1
Hb SD-diseaseCopyright ID:25472008 Sickle cell-hemoglobin D disease (disorder) LA12617-9
Hb SE-diseaseCopyright ID:47024008 Sickle cell-hemoglobin E disease (disorder) LA12618-7
Hb S,O-Arab LA13012-2
Hb S variant LA18560-5
Hb S/Hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobinCopyright ID:234391009 Sickle cell anemia with high hemoglobin F (disorder) LA18561-3
Homozygous Hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobinCopyright ID:191201002 Hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin (disorder) LA18562-1
Beta plus thalassemiaCopyright ID:79592006 Beta plus thalassemia (disorder) LA18563-9
Hb beta zero-thalassemiaCopyright ID:86715000 Beta zero thalassemia (disorder) LA12611-2
Beta thalassemiaCopyright ID:65959000 beta Thalassemia (disorder) LA18564-7
Hb C-diseaseCopyright ID:51053007 Hemoglobin C disease (disorder) LA12607-0
Hb C-carrierCopyright ID:76050008 Hemoglobin C trait (disorder) LA12602-1
Hb C beta plus thalassemiaCopyright ID:119691000119106 Hemoglobin C/beta thalassemia disease (disorder) LA18565-4
Hb C beta zero thalassemiaCopyright ID:119691000119106 Hemoglobin C/beta thalassemia disease (disorder) LA18566-2
Hb C beta-thalassemiaCopyright ID:119691000119106 Hemoglobin C/beta thalassemia disease (disorder) LA12608-8
Hb Constant Spring carrier LA19957-2
Hb D-disease LA12609-6
Hb D-carrierCopyright ID:7391009 Hemoglobin D trait (disorder) LA12603-9
Hb D beta plus thalassemia LA18567-0
Hb D beta zero thalassemia LA18568-8
Hb D beta-thalassemiaCopyright ID:119701000119106 Hemoglobin D/beta thalassemia disease (disorder) LA12610-4
Hb E-diseaseCopyright ID:25065001 Hemoglobin E disease (disorder) LA12612-0
Hb E-carrierCopyright ID:46248003 Hemoglobin E trait (disorder) LA12604-7
Hb E beta plus thalassemiaCopyright ID:234392002 Hemoglobin E/beta thalassemia disease (disorder) LA18569-6
Hb E beta zero thalassemiaCopyright ID:234392002 Hemoglobin E/beta thalassemia disease (disorder) LA18570-4
Hb E delta beta thalassemiaCopyright ID:234392002 Hemoglobin E/beta thalassemia disease (disorder) LA18571-2
Hb E beta-thalassemiaCopyright ID:234392002 Hemoglobin E/beta thalassemia disease (disorder) LA12613-8
Hb G disease LA18572-0
Hb G carrier LA18573-8
Hb G beta plus thalassemia LA18574-6
Hb G beta thalassemia LA18575-3
Hb G beta zero thalassemia LA18576-1
Hb D/G disease LA18577-9
Hb D/G carrier LA18578-7
Hb D/G beta plus thalassemia LA18579-5
Hb D/G beta thalassemia LA18580-3
Hb D/G beta zero thalassemia LA18581-1
Hb O-Arab carrier LA12605-4
Alpha thalassemia majorCopyright ID:5300004 Hemoglobin Bart's hydrops syndrome (disorder) LA18582-9
Alpha thalassemia traitCopyright ID:191187006 Alpha trait thalassemia (disorder) LA18583-7
Hb H diseaseCopyright ID:48553001 Hemoglobin H disease (disorder) LA18584-5
Hb H Constant Spring diseaseCopyright ID:447117006 Hemoglobin H constant spring thalassemia (disorder) LA18585-2
Hb H with other variant point mutations LA18586-0
Other Hb diseaseCopyright ID:123772008 Homozygous hemoglobinopathy (disorder) LA18587-8
Other Hb carrier LA18588-6
Other beta plus thalassemia LA18589-4
Other beta zero thalassemia LA18590-2
Other beta thalassemia LA18591-0

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71592-0 Hemoglobinopathies conditions suspected [Identifier] in DBS

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