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[PROMIS] Nev|alm nev|Some|Often|Alm Always
Answers: 5; Scale: Ord; Code: 0-4; Score: -
LOINCs using this list

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Never 0 LA6270-8
Almost never 1 LA13866-1
Sometimes 2 LA10082-8
Often 3 LA10044-8
Almost always 4 LA13865-3

LOINC terms using this Answer List

78077-5 Being tired made it hard for me to remember things in past 7 days [PROMIS.PEDS]
78079-1 I felt sad for no reason in past 7 days [PROMIS.PEDS]
78078-3 I felt tired even when I had not done anything in past 7 days [PROMIS.PEDS]
78168-2 I felt too nervous to be with a group of kids my age in past 7 days [PROMIS.PEDS]
62104-5 I got tired easily in past 7 days [PROMIS]
78174-0 I had a bad temper in past 7 days [PROMIS.PEDS]
78164-1 I needed help walking when I was in pain in past 7 days [PROMIS.PEDS]
78165-8 I walked carefully when I was in pain in past 7 days [PROMIS.PEDS]
78172-4 I wanted to be alone because I was so angry in past 7 days [PROMIS.PEDS]
78171-6 I was angry when things didn't go my way in past 7 days [PROMIS.PEDS]
78173-2 I was so mad I did not want to talk to people in past 7 days [PROMIS.PEDS]
78169-0 I worried that something might happen to my parents or guardians in past 7 days [PROMIS.PEDS]
78162-5 It was hard for me to be away from home because I had pain in past 7 days [PROMIS.PEDS]
78167-4 It was hard to do things with my family because I had pain in past 7 days [PROMIS.PEDS]
78163-3 It was hard to have fun with friends because I was in pain in past 7 days [PROMIS.PEDS]
78166-6 My pain was so bad that I needed to take medicine to treat it in past 7 days [PROMIS.PEDS]

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