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[NEI] Chorioretinal findings
Answers: 17; Scale: Nom; Code: -; Score: 0-15
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Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
NoneCopyright ID:260413007 None (qualifier value) 0 LA137-2
Avascular retina 1 LA24642-3
Choroidal atrophy 2 LA24658-9
Crystals 3 LA24681-1
Hypopigmentation 4 LA24750-4
Peripheral schisis 5 LA24846-0
Photocoagulation scars 6 LA24848-6
Pigment spicules 7 LA24850-2
Retinal atrophy-peripheral 8 LA24875-9
Retinal detachment 9 LA24876-7
Retinal neovascularization 10 LA24877-5
Retinal traction 11 LA24878-3
Macular schisis 12 LA24888-2
Scleral buckle 13 LA24890-8
Sub-, intra-retinal exudation 14 LA24910-4
Temporal fibrovascular mass 15 LA24923-7
Other, Specify: OTH LA46-8

LOINC terms using this Answer List

80104-3 Physical findings of Left chorioretina by Ophthalmoscopy
80103-5 Physical findings of Right chorioretina by Ophthalmoscopy

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