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[NEI] Optic nerve exam findings
Answers: 10; Scale: Nom; Code: -; Score: 1-9
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Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
NormalCopyright ID:17621005 Normal (qualifier value) 1 LA6626-1
Atrophy 2 LA24637-3
Hypoplastic 3 LA19594-3
Tilted disc 4 LA24696-9
Dysplastic or anomalous 5 LA24704-1
Gray 6 LA19452-4
Myelinated nerve fiber layer 7 LA24807-2
Waxy pallor 8 LA25505-1
Peripapillary atrophy 9 LA25506-9
Other, Specify: OTH LA46-8

LOINC terms using this Answer List

80105-0 Physical findings of Left optic nerve by Ophthalmoscopy
80106-8 Physical findings of Right optic nerve by Ophthalmoscopy

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