Version 2.77

Basic Properties

CMS_Risk for hospitalization
Answers: 10; Scale: Nom; Code: 1-10; Score: -

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
History of falls (2 or more falls - or any fall with an injury - in the past 12 months) 1 LA27614-9
Unintentional weight loss of a total of 10 pounds or more in the past 12 months 2 LA27615-6
Multiple hospitalizations (2 or more) in the past 6 months 3 LA27616-4
Multiple emergency department visits (2 or more) in the past 6 months 4 LA27617-2
Decline in mental, emotional, or behavioral status in the past 3 months 5 LA27618-0
Reported or observed history of difficulty complying with any medical instructions (for example, medications, diet, exercise) in the past 3 months 6 LA27619-8
Currently taking 5 or more medications 7 LA27620-6
Currently reports exhaustion 8 LA27621-4
Other risk(s) not listed in 1 - 8 9 LA27622-2
None of the above 10 LA9-3

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