Version 2.77

Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL1142-0 PhenX08_09_child night feedings N
LL1191-7 PhenX10_02_male infertility probs N
LL1403-6 PhenX14_01_autoimmune diseases N
LL1933-2 CARE_A1810_LTCH_medical services N
LL2100-7 MDSv3-K1510-Nutritional approaches N
LL2345-8 Vaccination adverse event outcome N
LL2501-6 Cervical cerclage-tocolysis-cephalic version-none N
LL2505-7 Abnormal Conditions Newborn N
LL2507-3 Characteristics of Labor and Delivery N
LL2515-6 Risk factors current pregnancy N
LL2516-4 Onset of Labor N
LL252-8 OASIS_M0220_Prior condition N
LL2520-6 Maternal morbity - L&D complications N
LL2522-2 Congenital anomalies N
LL2534-7 Fetal Death Report_Infections during pregnancy N
LL254-4 OASIS_M0250_M1030_Home therapy N
LL258-5 OASIS_M0290_High risk factors N
LL261-9 OASIS_M0350_Assisting person N
LL275-9 OASIS_M0500_Resp treatments N
LL3-5 MDS_57_Reason for assessment-primary N
LL4152-6 CMS IRFPAI_GG0110 Prior Device Use N
LL4157-5 CMS_IRF-PAI Comorbidities/Coexisting Conditions N
LL4161-7 LL4161-7 N
LL4465-2 CMS_LCDS Comorbidities and co-existing conditions N
LL4467-8 CMS_LCDS Special treatments N
LL4468-6 CMS_LCDS Admitted from N
LL4471-0 CMS_LCDS Prior device use N
LL4488-4 CMS_IRF-PAI Reason influenza vaccine not received N
LL4494-2 CMS_Risk for hospitalization N
LL4497-5 CMS_OASIS Reason pneumococcal vaccine not received N
LL4555-0 CMS_ID conditions N
LL4557-6 CMS_MDS Indicators of psychosis N
LL4558-4 CMS_MDS Activity preferences N
LL4560-0 CMS_MDS Bladder bowel appliances N
LL4571-7 CMS_MDS Problem conditions N
LL4573-3 CMS_MDS Swallowing disorder N
LL4582-4 CMS_MDS Determination of pressure ulcer risk N
LL4585-7 CMS_MDS Special procedures - while resident N
LL4586-5 CMS_MDS Special procedures - not a resident N
LL4589-9 CMS_MED Resident | If not resident N
LL4602-0 CMS_MDS Special procedures-while resident subset 2 N
LL4606-1 CMS_MDS Shortness of breath N
LL4610-3 CMS_MDSv3_A0310 N
LL4625-1 CMS_MDS Pressure ulcer tissue type N
LL4672-3 CMS_MDS Reason influenza vaccine not received N
LL4678-0 CMS_LCDS v4 Admitted from N
LL4679-8 CMS_LCDS v4 Special treatments N
LL4704-4 CMS_LCDS v4 Comorbid conditions N
LL4873-7 CMS_OASIS D Comorbidities N
LL4962-8 ADAPTABLE Insurance list N
LL4968-5 ADAPTABLE Reasons for hospitalization N
LL4975-0 CMS MDS Pressure injury risk N
LL4977-6 CMS_MDS 1.16.1 Special procedures - not a resident N
LL4979-2 CMS_MDS 16 Special procedures - while resident N
LL5154-1 CMS_MDSv17_A0310 N
LL5166-5 CMS_MDS - IPA Bladder bowel appliances N
LL5179-8 CMS_MDS v1.17.1 J1100 Shortness of breathe-IPA,OSA N
LL5180-6 CMS_MDS Problem conditions - IPA N
LL5182-2 MDS v1.17.1 K1510 Nutritional approaches N
LL5228-3 MDS v1.17.1 K0510 Nutritional approaches N
LL5244-0 CMS_MDS 17 Special procedures set 2 N
LL5245-7 CMS_MDS 1.17 Special procedures - not a resident_1 N
LL536-4 MDS_57b_Reason For Assessment (full) N
LL5385-1 CMS IRF_PAI v4.0 -Treat,Procedure,Program(O0110) N
LL5387-7 CMS IRF_PAI v4.0 - Nutritional Approaches (K0520) N
LL5388-5 CMS IRF_PAI v4.0 - HiRisk DrugUse Taking (N0415-1) N
LL5410-7 CMS_LCDS v5 Comorbid conditions N
LL5437-0 MDS v1.18.0 K151 N
LL5438-8 Resident | Family | Sig Other | Legal guardian N
LL5442-0 CMS MDS Reason referral was not made N
LL5461-0 CMS MDS v1.18.0 - HiRisk DrugUse Taking (N0415-1) N
LL5462-8 CMS_MDS 18 Special procedures - while resident N
LL5811-6 Neck pain troubles N
LL5823-1 Back pain troubles N
LL5877-7 Habitat Issues N
LL6299-3 Assessment participants N
LL6301-7 Special Treatments, Procedures, and Programs - CMS N
LL6304-1 Race N
LL631-3 MDSv3_A0300 N
LL6311-6 High-risk drug classes N
LL632-1 MDSv3_A0300A N
LL6355-3 Special Treatments - CMS N
LL6364-5 LCDS A1010 N
LL674-3 MDSv3_M0700 N
LL676-8 MDSv3_O0200B N
LL777-4 OASIS-C_M1032 N
LL779-0 OASIS-C_M1036 N
LL781-6 OASIS-C_M1045 N
LL782-4 OASIS-C_M1055 N
LL798-0 OASIS-C_M1410 N
LL844-2 MDSv3_A0310F N