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Basic Properties

Not at all | Once | 2-3 times | 4-6 times | Daily
Answers: 5; Scale: Ord; Code: -; Score: 0-4
LOINCs using this list

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Not at all 0 LA6568-5
Once 1 LA14312-5
2-3 times 2 LA28443-2
4-6 times 3 LA28444-0
Daily or more often 4 LA28445-7

LOINC terms using this Answer List

72681-0 I displayed high-risk behavior by knowingly driving too fast, running around on the roofs of high buildings, balancing on bridges, etc. in last week [BSL-SUPP]
72641-4 I got drunk in last week [BSL-SUPP]
72683-6 I had episodes of binge eating in the last week [BSL-SUPP]
72638-0 I had outbreaks of uncontrolled anger or physically attacked others in last week [BSL-SUPP]
72637-2 I had uncontrollable sexual encounters of which I was later ashamed or which made me angry in last week [BSL-SUPP]
72686-9 I hurt myself by cutting, burning, strangling, headbanging etc. in last week [BSL-SUPP]
72682-8 I induced vomiting in lthe last week [BSL-SUPP]
72685-1 I told other people that I was going to kill myself in the last week [BSL-SUPP]
72640-6 I took drugs in last week [BSL-SUPP]
72639-8 I took medication that had not been prescribed or if had been prescribed, I took more than the prescribed dose in last week [BSL-SUPP]
72684-4 I tried to commit suicide in last week [BSL-SUPP]

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