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Basic Properties

MDS_57b_Reason For Assessment (full)
Primary Reason For Assessment (full)
LOINCs using this list

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Admission assessment (required by day 14) 1 LA10-4
Annual assessment 2 LA12-0
Significant change in status assessment 3 LA13-8
Significant correction of prior full assessment 4 LA14-6
Quarterly review assessment 5 LA15-3
Discharged-return not anticipated 6 LA52-6
Discharged-return anticipated 7 LA53-4
Discharged prior to completing initial assessment 8 LA9656-5
Reentry 9 LA54-2
Significant correction of prior quarterly assessment 10 LA11-2
None of the above 0 LA9-3

LOINC terms using this Answer List

50787-1 Primary reason for assessment [Minimum Data Set (MDS) full]

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