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Basic Properties

CMS IRF_PAI v4.0 -Treat,Procedure,Program(O0110)
Chemo,Respiratory,Other,IV Access,None
LOINCs using this list

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Chemotherapy A1 LA6172-6
Chemotherapy - IV A2 LA30275-4
Chemotherapy - Oral A3 LA30276-2
Chemotherapy - Other A10 LA30277-0
Radiation B1 LA4351-8
Oxygen therapy C1 LA27962-2
Oxygen therapy - Continuous C2 LA30278-8
Oxygen therapy - Intermittent C3 LA30279-6
Oxygen therapy - High-concentration C4 LA30280-4
Suctioning D1 LA27963-0
Suctioning - Scheduled D2 LA30359-6
Suctioning - As needed D3 LA30360-4
Tracheostomy care E1 LA27964-8
Invasive Mechanical Ventilator (ventilator or respirator) F1 LA28889-6
Non-invasive mechanical ventilator G1 LA30281-2
Non-invasive mechanical ventilator - BiPAP G2 LA30282-0
Non-invasive mechanical ventilator - CPAP G3 LA30283-8
IV medications H1 LA27972-1
IV medications - Vasoactive medications H2 LA30284-6
IV medications - Antibiotics H3 LA30285-3
IV medications - Anticoagulation H4 LA30286-1
IV medications - Other H10 LA30287-9
Transfusions I1 LA27966-3
Dialysis J1 LA7216-0
Dialysis - Hemodialysis J2 LA30288-7
Dialysis - Peritoneal dialysis J3 LA30289-5
IV Access O1 LA30290-3
IV Access - Peripheral O2 LA30291-1
IV Access - Midline O3 LA30292-9
IV Access - Central (e.g., PICC, tunneled, port) O4 LA30293-7
None of the above Z1 LA9-3

LOINC terms using this Answer List

93185-7 Special treatments, procedures, and programs at discharge [CMS Assessment]

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