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Tissue type for most advanced stage
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Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Epithelial tissue - new skin growing in superficial ulcer. It can be light pink and shiny, even in persons with darkly pigmented skin. 1 LA11082-7
Granulation tissue - pink or red tissue with shiny, moist, granular appearance 2 LA11083-5
Slough - yellow or white tissue that adheres to the ulcer bed in strings or thick clumps, or is mucinous 3 LA11084-3
Necrotic Tissue (Eschar) - black, brown, or tan tissue that adheres firmly to the wound bed or ulcer edges, may be softer or harder than surrounding skin. 4 LA11085-0
None of the above 9 LA9-3

LOINC terms using this Answer List

55073-1 Tissue type during assessment period [CMS Assessment] Pressure injury.Largest at most advanced stage

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