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NBS events
Clinical events that affect NBS interpretation
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Answer Code Score Answer ID
NoneCopyright ID:260413007 None (qualifier value) LA137-2
Infant in NICU at time of specimen collection LA12419-0
Infant in special care setting (other than ICU) at time of specimen collection LA25801-4
Preterm/Low birth weight (LBW) LA25802-2
Any blood product transfusion (including ECLS/ECMO) LA12417-4
DopamineCopyright ID:412383006 Dopamine (substance) LA16923-7
Topical iodine LA16924-5
Acute illness LA25803-0
Hypothyroxinemia of preterm birth LA25804-8
Significant hypoxia LA25812-1
Immature hypothalamic/pituitary axis LA25805-5
Immature liver enzymes LA25806-3
Immature renal system LA25807-1
Iodine deficiency LA25809-7
Liver disease LA25810-5
Other conditions, such as biliary atresia, intestinal perforation, abdominal wall defects, septicemia, CMV, renal failure, T21, T18, T13 LA25811-3
Parenteral steroid treatment LA16925-2
Systemic antibiotics before newborn screening LA12420-8
Meconium ileus or other bowel obstruction LA16927-8
Thoracic surgery involving thymectomy LA25815-4
Immunosuppressive therapy of baby or mother LA25808-9
Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) or similar feeding LA25816-2
Special lactose-free diet LA25813-9
Special low protein diet LA25814-7
Other LA46-8

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57713-0 Infant factors that affect newborn screening interpretation

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