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Prototheca is an opportunistic pathogen that is a nonphotosynthetic chlorophyte (green alga) readily isolated in fungal culture. Human skin and bursal infections can be caused by at least two species of prototheca (Prototheca wickerhamii and Prototheca zopfii). Diseseminated infections occur in immunocompromised hosts. It also causes skin infections in dogs and mastistis in cows. It can be treated with the typical systemic antifungal drugs Source: Regenstrief Help, ASM

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Tag Language Translation
zh-CN Chinese (China) 竖毛窃蠹
Synonyms: 窃蠹;窃蠹科
fr-CA French (Canada) Prototheca
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Protheca
it-IT Italian (Italy) Prototheca
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) Prototheca
ru-RU Russian (Russian Federation) Prototheca
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) prototheca
fr-BE French (Belgium) Prototheca
pl-PL Polish (Poland) Prototheca
Synonyms: Prototheca