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Adipic acid is a fatty acid metabolite. Elevated levels occur with fatty oxidation defects including Beta-oxidation defects(MAD,MCAD,SCAD,VLCAD, SCHAD, LCHAD/TFP), HMG-CoA lyase deficiency, systemic carnitine deficiency, succinic semialdehyde DH deficiency, CPT II deficiency, peroxisomal diseases, glycogen storage disorders I & II, lactic acidosis, and fructose intolerance. Excessive intake of adipic acid-containing foods (such as Jell-O) and foods containing medium chain triglycerides (such as coconut oil) may also cause increased levels. Isolated high values may be seen in patients with ADD, lethargy, and seizures. (Information from: Kumps A,Duez P,Mardens Y. Metabolic, Nutritional, Iatrogenic, and Artifactual Sources of Urinary Organic Acids: A Comprehensive Table. Clinical Chemistry 2002, 48:708-717.) Source: Regenstrief Institute

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zh-CN Chinese (China) 己二酸
Synonyms: 己二酸盐;己二酸酯;已二酸根
fr-CA French (Canada) Adipate
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Adipato
it-IT Italian (Italy) Adipato
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) Adipat
ru-RU Russian (Russian Federation) Адипат
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) adipaat
fr-BE French (Belgium) Adipate