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The "Autism Spectrum Disorder Action Plan" is a communication tool medical providers use to inform school staff of a patient's Autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and treatment protocol. School staff uses this information to guide and authorize their treatment of the child's Autism spectrum disorder while at school. The following information is included in the action plan: 1. Patient information: demographics, school, grade, parent/guardian, emergency contacts, primary care provider/clinic, 2. Autism Spectrum Disorder description: signs/symptoms 3. Treatment protocol during school hours: medication orders (type medication, dosage amount and time), 4. Additional notes/instructions: free text, and 5. Acknowledgement: Authorization for administration of medication away from clinic, provider signature and date, parent/guardian authorization: signatures and dates consenting school to give medications. Source: Southeast Minnesota Beacon Community

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Autism action plan
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Autism action plan

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Tag Language Translation
ru-RU Russian (Russian Federation) Аутизм план действий
zh-CN Chinese (China) 孤独症行动计划
Synonyms: 自闭症行动计划;孤独症行动方案;孤独症(自闭症)行动计划(行动方案)
it-IT Italian (Italy) Autismo, piano d'azione