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Major histocompatibility complex class I chain-related antigen A (MICA) proteins are like HLA class I gene products. MICA has a role as a ligand for activation of receptor NKG2D. Like the HLA system, MICA molecules can elicit antibody responses during pregnancy, blood product transfusion, or organ transplant rejection. A significant percentage of exposed individuals will produce anti-MICA antibodies. Presence or absence of MICA antibodies may assist clinicians in determining the survival of organ transplant patients. Source: Regenstrief LOINC

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zh-CN Chinese (China) MICA*007
Synonyms: 主要组织相容性复合物I类相关抗原 A;主要组织相容性复合物I类相关基因 A;主要组织相容性复合物I类相关链 A;MHC-I 类相关链 A;Major histocompatibility complex class I chain-related antigen A;major histocompatibility complex class I chain-related gene A;MICA
es-ES Spanish (Spain) MICA*007
it-IT Italian (Italy) MICA*007
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) MICA*007
ru-RU Russian (Russian Federation) MICA*007
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) MICA*007