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Neutralizing antibodies are antibodies that interfere with the interaction between the virus and its host cell receptor, therefore preventing infectivity. Neutralizing antibodies can be detected using a traditional VNT or other methods such as pseudovirus VNT and surrogate VNT. VNT and pseudovirus VNT use live virus (the actual virus or a recombinant virus that incorporates the viral antigen of interest, respectively) and cell culture to assess the virus-host interaction and whether neutralizing antibodies are present that block that interaction. Surrogate VNT (sVNT) does not use live virus but rather uses purified viral antigen and host cell receptor protein to mimic the same interaction. The sVNT method is currently (2021) represented in LOINC as IA, because it is an immunoassay-based method. Source: Regenstrief LOINC

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neutralizing antibody
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Tag Language Translation
zh-CN Chinese (China) 抗体.中和
Synonyms: 中和试验;中和抗体;中和
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Anticuerpos antineutrófilos
it-IT Italian (Italy) Ab.Neut
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) As.neutraliserend
fr-CA French (Canada) Ac.neut
pl-PL Polish (Poland) Ab.Neutralizujące