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Lysine is an essential basic amino acid that plays a major role in calcium absorption and the production of hormones, enzymes, and antibodies. Lack of lysine can result in niacin deficiency and cause the pellagra. Other diseases associated with lysine include hyperlysinemia, lysine intolerance, carbamoyl phosphate synthetase deficiency, and saccharopinuria (saccharopine is an intermediate in the metabolism of lysine). Source: Regenstrief Institute

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Tag Language Translation
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Lisina
it-IT Italian (Italy) Lisina
zh-CN Chinese (China) 赖氨酸
Synonyms: 2,6-二氨基已酸;Lys;氨基已氨酸;溶细胞素
pl-PL Polish (Poland) lizyna