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Fatty acids are molecules made up of an even number of carbon atoms (in humans) numbering from 4 to 30. Depending on the number of carbon atoms, the fatty acids are members of one of three groups which includes the short chain fatty acids, the medium chain fatty acids, and the long chain fatty acids. Fatty acids are described by the number of carbon atoms, the number of double bonds, and the position of the double bonds. While there is evidence that certain fatty acids affect the risk of some chronic diseases, no reference ranges have been defined. PMID: 25675440 [] Source: Regenstrief LOINC

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Fatty acids.C14-C24
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Fatty acids.C14-C24

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Tag Language Translation
it-IT Italian (Italy) Acidi grassi.C.14-C24
zh-CN Chinese (China) 脂肪酸类.C14-C24
Synonyms: 脂肪酸.C14-C24
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Ácidos grasos C14-C24
pl-PL Polish (Poland) kwasy tłuszczowe C14-C24