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IgG4 is the least common subtype of IgG, and it has a variety of functions. In the context of allergic disease it is thought to have an immune-inhibitory role in preventing anaphylaxis and is commonly known as a "blocking" antibody. IgG4 binding to an allergen can compete with IgE-mediated binding, thereby inhibiting the activation of mast cells and basophils and IgE-mediated presentation to T-cells. Measuring IgG4 and its ratio to IgE has a role in monitoring allergen specific immunotherapy PMID: 26023323. IgG4 is also thought to have a role in autoimmunity and be involved in a less defined entity known as IgG4-Related Disease, a chronic immune-mediated fibroinflammatory disorder that often manifests with tumor-like masses .[] Source: Regenstrief LOINC

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Tag Language Translation
zh-CN Chinese (China) 抗体.IgG4
Synonyms: Ab.IgG4;IgG4;抗体 IgG4
fr-CA French (Canada) , IgG4
et-EE Estonian (Estonia) antikehad.IgG4
es-ES Spanish (Spain) IgG4
it-IT Italian (Italy) Ab.IgG4
Synonyms: Anticorpi IgG4
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) Ab.IgG4
Synonyms: Ak.IgG4
ru-RU Russian (Russian Federation) Ат.IgG4
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) As.IgG4
fr-BE French (Belgium) Anticorps. IgG4
pl-PL Polish (Poland) Ab.IgG4