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Nonoperative repair of occluded vessels, ducts, or valves by insertion of a balloon catheter. It is used, among other things, to treat varices, torn retinas, renal and biliary calculi, gastric, bronchial and rectal stenoses, and heart valves, and includes catheterization with Fogarty and Foley catheters. Source: National Library of Medicine, MeSH 2006

Basic Part Properties

Part Display Name
Guidance for balloon dilatation
Part Type
Component (Describes the core component or analyte measured)
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Construct for LOINC Short Name
Balloon dilat

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Tag Language Translation
zh-CN Chinese (China) 旨在球囊扩张术的引导
Synonyms: 旨在(针对、用于)(气球扩张、气球扩张术、球囊扩张、气囊扩张术、气囊扩张)的引导
it-IT Italian (Italy) Dilatazione con pallone
ru-RU Russian (Russian Federation) Балонная дилатация
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) ballondilatatie