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6-oxo-pipecolate (6-oxo-PIP) and two diastereomers of 2-oxopropylpiperidine-2-carobylic acid (2-OPP) are identified biomarkers for pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy (PDE-ALDH7A1). PMID: 30663059 PMID: 34138754 PDE-ALDH7A1 is characterized by seizures that are responsive clinically and electrographically to daily supplements of pyridoxine (vitamin B6) and not well controlled with anti-seizure medications. Two forms, classic and atypical, of PDE-ALDH7A1 have been described.[NCBI Books: NBK1486] Source: LOINC

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Tag Language Translation
it-IT Italian (Italy) 6-ossi-piperidina-2-carbossilato
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) 6-oxo-piperidine-2-carboxylaat
es-ES Spanish (Spain) 6-oxo-piperidina-2-carboxilato
zh-CN Chinese (China) 6-氧代-哌啶-2-羧酸
Synonyms: 6-氧代-哌啶-2-羧酸(羧酸盐、羧化物、羧酸酯)