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The hemagglutination-inhibition assay (HAI) can be used to identify subtypes of hemagglutinin producing viruses, such as Influenza. HAI can also be used to identify the subtype-specificity of antibodies against the virus. Normally, Influenza's hemagglutinin glycoprotein binds to receptors on the surface of red blood cells, causing them to agglutinate. If antibodies specific to the virus are present in the patient sample, they will bind to the virus, which prevents the virus from binding to the red blood cells and therefore prevents agglutination. To determine which subtype of virus is present, a viral isolate is tested against a series of antibodies with known subtype specificities. Whichever antibody inhibits red cell agglutination identifies the viral subtype. Similarly, antibody specificity is identified by testing the patient sample against known virus subtypes. PMID: 24899416 Source: Regenstrief LOINC

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Hemagglutination inhibition
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Tag Language Translation
zh-CN Chinese (China) 红细胞凝集抑制试验法
Synonyms: 红细胞凝集抑制试验
fr-CA French (Canada) Inhibition de l'hémagglutination
et-EE Estonian (Estonia) HAI
Synonyms: Hemaglutinatsiooni inhibeerimine
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Inhibición de la Hemaglutinación
it-IT Italian (Italy) HAI
Synonyms: Inibizione dell''emoagglutinazione
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) HAI
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) hemagglutinatieremming
fr-BE French (Belgium) Inhibition de l'hémagglutination
pl-PL Polish (Poland) hamowanie hemaglutynacji