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The leukocyte histamine release test (LHR, LHRT) measures the amount of histamine released in-vitro in the presence of an allergen. Allergen extracts in varying concentrations are added to isolated leukocytes from peripheral blood. If the patient is hypersensitive to the specific antigen, the leukocytes will release the histamine in-vitro. The amount of histamine released will depend on the sensibility to the allergen. Source: Regenstrief LOINC

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Leukocyte histamine release
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Method (Describes the method by which the test was performed)
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Tag Language Translation
zh-CN Chinese (China) 白细胞组胺释放法
Synonyms: 白细胞组胺反应;白细胞组胺反应(Leukocyte histamine reaction);白细胞组胺反应法;白细胞组胺释放;白细胞组胺释放(Leukocyte Histamine Release);白细胞组胺释放试验
fr-CA French (Canada) Libération d'histamine leucocytaire
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Prueba de liberación de histamina leucocitaria
it-IT Italian (Italy) LHR
Synonyms: Liberazione di istamina leucocitaria
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) LHR
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) leukocyt-histaminerelease
Synonyms: LHR
fr-BE French (Belgium) Libération d'histamine leucocytaire
pl-PL Polish (Poland) test uwalniania histaminy z leukocytów