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LP420117-6   ETV6 gene rearrangements
The ETV6 (ETS variant 6) gene [HGNC Gene ID:3495] is located on chromosome 12 at 12p13.2. This gene encodes an ETS family transcription factor. The product of this gene contains two functional domains: a N-terminal pointed (PNT) domain that is involved in protein-protein interactions with itself and other proteins, and a C-terminal DNA-binding domain. Gene knockout studies in mice suggest that it is required for hematopoiesis and maintenance of the developing vascular network. This gene is known to be involved in a large number of chromosomal rearrangements associated with leukemia and congenital fibrosarcoma. [provided by RefSeq, Sep 2008] [NCBI Gene ID:2120] Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Gene

LP62864-1   FISH
FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) is a cytogenetic technique used to detect and localize the presence or absence of specific DNA sequences on chromosomes. FISH uses fluorescent probes that bind to only those parts of the chromosome with which they show a high degree of sequence similarity. Fluorescence microscopy can be used to find out where the fluorescent probe bound to the chromosomes. FISH is often used for finding specific features in DNA for use in genetic counseling, medicine, and species identification. FISH can also be used to detect and localize specific mRNAs within tissue samples. In this context, it can help define the spatial-temporal patterns of gene expression within cells and tissues. Copyright Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. See for details. Source: Wikipedia, FISH

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ETV6 gene rearrangements

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ETV6 rearrange Tiss FISH
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ETV6 gene rearrangements FISH Doc (Tiss)
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ETV6 gene rearrangements, Tissue

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Tag Language Translation
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Reordenamientos del gen ETV6:Hallazgo:Punto temporal:Tejido:Doc:Hibridación in situ fluoresente (FISH)
fr-FR French (France) ETV6 gène réarrangements:Recherche:Ponctuel:Tissu:Document:FISH
it-IT Italian (Italy) Riarrangiamenti del gene ETV6:Osservazione:Pt:Tessuto:Doc:FISH
Synonyms: Ibridazione in situ fluorescente (FISH) Osservazione Patologia molecolare Punto nel tempo (episodio) Riarrangiamento genico Tessuto & Strisci
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) ETV6-genherschikking:bevinding:moment:weefsel en uitstrijkjes:document:FISH
Synonyms: ETV6-gentranslocaties
zh-CN Chinese (China) ETV6 基因重排:发现:时间点:组织与涂片:文档型:FISH
Synonyms: ETS 变体基因 6 ETS 差异基因 6 ETS 突变体基因 6 ETS 突变基因 6 ETS 突变基因 6(ets variant gene 6,ETV6) ETV6 基因重排(重组) Fluorescent in situ hybridization;荧光原位杂交 TEL TEL 癌基因 TEL 癌基因(Tel oncogene) TEL 致癌基因 TEL1 临床文档型;临床文档;文档;文书;医疗文书;临床医疗文书 分子病理学.基因重排;分子病理学.重排;分子病理学试验.基因重排;分子病理学试验.重排;分子病理学试验类.重排;基因重排;重排 分子病理学;分子病理学试验 发现是一个原子型临床观察指标,并不是作为印象的概括陈述。体格检查、病史、系统检查及其他此类观察指标的属性均为发现。它们的标尺对于编码型发现可能是名义型,而对于叙述型文本之中所报告的发现,则可能是叙述型。;发现物;所见;结果;结论 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 易位 ETS 白血病 易位 ETS 白血病(Translocation ets leukemia,TEL) 未作说明的组织;组织;组织 & 涂片 遗传基因;遗传因子;吉恩;生物基因

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