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LP101174-3   Fraxinus excelsior
Fraxinus is a genus of about 65 species, which are distributed in northern temperate regions. The hardy White ash (Fraxinus Americana), for example, is native and common in eastern North America and also thrives in Europe. The European ash (Fraxinus excelsior) is native to most of Europe, with the exception of northern Scandinavia and the southern Mediterranean. White ash tree (t15) needs to be differentiated from European ash tree (t25).

European ash is a common cause of asthma, allergic rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis, in particular in Central and Northern Europe. Copyright Copyright © 2006 Phadia AB. Source: ImmunoCap, ImmunoCap

LP147963-5   Fraxinus excelsior Ab.IgE
Fraxinus excelsior or commonly known as European ash, Common ash, European common ash. European ash is a broad, spreading, deciduous tree with black buds. European ash is a common cause of asthma, allergic rhinitis, and allergic conjunctivitis. Ash pollen is potential cause of hay fever. The close family relationship with the olive tree causes respiratory allergies through cross-reactivity PMID: 26120518. Source: Regenstrief LOINC,

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Fraxinus excelsior Ab.IgE

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European Ash IgE RAST
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European Ash IgE RAST (S) [Presence]
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European ash allergy test

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Tag Language Translation
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Fraxinus excelsior IgE:PrThr:Punto temporal:Suero:Semicuantitativo:Prueba de absorcion de radioalergeno (RAST)
Synonyms: Semicuantitativo
it-IT Italian (Italy) Fraxinus excelsior Ab.IgE:PrThr:Pt:Siero:SemiQn:RAST
Synonyms: anticorpi anti-IgE anticorpo Frassino comune (Fraxinus excelsior) Presenza o Soglia Punto nel tempo (episodio) Risposta agli antigeni Siero Test di radioallergoassorbimento (RAST)
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) Fraxinus excelsior As.IgE:aanwezigheid:moment:serum:semikwantitatief:RAST
Synonyms: antistof; antilichaam es radioallergosorbent test
zh-CN Chinese (China) 欧洲梣木 抗体.IgE:存在情况或阈值:时间点:血清:半定量型:放射过敏原吸附试验法
Synonyms: Ab.IgE;IgE;抗体 IgE Ab;自身抗体 免疫球蛋白 E 存在情况;存在;存在与否;是否存在;阈值;界值;界限;阀值;临界值;存在情况(存在、存在与否、是否存在)或阈值(界值、界限、阀值、临界值) 放射过敏原吸附试验;放射过敏原吸附试验(Radioallergosorbent Test,RAST) 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 欧洲白蜡木;欧洲白蜡;欧洲白蜡树;木犀科;梣属;Common Ash

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