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LP220484-2   Triticum aestivum native (nTri a) 19+20+21
Gliadins are naturally occurring water and salt insoluble proteins of wheat. They are made up of several components, including alpha/beta (nTri a 21), gamma (nTri a 20), and omega (nTri a 19) based on their electrophoretic mobility at a low pH. The omega gliadin is further subdivided into two groups known as fast and slow omega gliadins. The water and salt insoluble gliadin proteins are associated with wheat-dependent, exercise-induced anaphylaxis (WDEIA). WDEIA is a severe allergic reaction that is characterized by symptoms that range from urticaria to respiratory, gastrointestinal, or cardiovascular distress that is brought on by exercise 1 to 4 hours after the ingestion of wheat. Factors other than exercise that can induce the severe reaction to wheat ingestion include: ingesting aspirin or alcohol, infections, stress, female sex hormones or menstruation. The presence of gliadin IgE antibodies in patient serum is useful in diagnosing WDEIA. The gamma and omega gliadin allergens may also be important to identifying severe allergy to ingested wheat. ( Source: Regenstrief LOINC

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Triticum aestivum native (nTri a) 19+20+21 Ab.IgE

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Wheat (nTri a) 19+20+21 IgE RAST
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Wheat native (nTri a) 19+20+21 IgE RAST (S) [Presence]
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Wheat native (nTri a) 19+20+21 allergy test

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Tag Language Translation
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Recombinante n Tri a 19+20+21. Triticum aestivum nativo IgE:PrThr:Punto temporal:Suero:Semicuantitativo:Prueba de absorcion de radioalergeno (RAST)
Synonyms: Semicuantitativo
it-IT Italian (Italy) Triticum aestivum (nTri a) 19+20+21 Ab.IgE:PrThr:Pt:Siero:SemiQn:RAST
Synonyms: anticorpi anti-IgE anticorpo Frumento Grano nativo (nTri a) 19 Grano nativo (nTri a) 19+20+21 Presenza o Soglia Punto nel tempo (episodio) Risposta agli antigeni Siero Test di radioallergoassorbimento (RAST)
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) tarwe natuurlijk (nTri a) 19+20+21 As.IgE:aanwezigheid:moment:serum:semikwantitatief:RAST
Synonyms: antistof; antilichaam radioallergosorbent test tarwe
zh-CN Chinese (China) 小麦 原生 (nTri a) 19+20+21 抗体.IgE:存在情况或阈值:时间点:血清:半定量型:放射过敏原吸附试验法
Synonyms: A 型 Ab.IgE;IgE;抗体 IgE Ab;自身抗体 免疫球蛋白 E 冬小麦;夏季小麦;小麦属;普通小麦 存在情况;存在;存在与否;是否存在;阈值;界值;界限;阀值;临界值;存在情况(存在、存在与否、是否存在)或阈值(界值、界限、阀值、临界值) 小麦 原生(原产) (nTri a) 19;Omega 5 醇溶蛋白;ω5 醇溶蛋白;ω5 麦醇溶蛋白;Omega 5 麦醇溶蛋白;冬小麦;夏季小麦;小麦属;普通小麦 小麦 原生(原产) (nTri a) 19+20+21;冬小麦;夏季小麦;小麦属;普通小麦 放射过敏原吸附试验;放射过敏原吸附试验(Radioallergosorbent Test,RAST) 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间

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