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"Carnitine" is an alternative way to say total carnitines which = free carnitine + acylcarnitines, or stated another way, unesterified + esterified carnitine.
Source: Regenstrief LOINC

Both total L-carnitine and free carnitine levels in semen have been found to be positively correlated with number and motility of sperm, with decreased levels found in infertile patient groups (J Androl 2005;26:459-46). In addition there is evidence that dietary supplementation with L-carnitine can increase sperm quality.
Source: Regenstrief LOINC

Part Description

LP14482-1   Carnitine
Carnitine is used to mean total carnitines, because historically total carnitine was measured by heating up the sample and breaking off the esters which provided pure carnitine. (Carnitine is also a single molecule which is described as free carnitine - with the acronym, C0). Aclycarnitine is not a single moiety but rather describes all of the esterified carnitines.
So Total carnitine = free carnitine(C0) + acylcarnitine = esterified + unesterified carnitine. Source: Regenstrief Help

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Carnitine Smn-sCnc
Display Name
Carnitine (Sem) [Moles/Vol]
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Carnitine, Semen

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Version 1.0i
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Version 2.70
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LG43617-6 Carnitine|Pt|Semen

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Tag Language Translation
de-DE German (Germany) Carnitin:Stoffmengenkonzentration:Zeitpunkt:Sperma:Quantitativ:
es-AR Spanish (Argentina) carnitina:concentración de sustancia:punto en el tiempo:semen:cuantitativo:
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Carnitina:Concentración de sustancia:Punto temporal:Semen:Qn:
Synonyms: Cuantitativo
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Carnitina:Concentración de sustancias:Punto temporal:Semen:Cuantitativo:
et-EE Estonian (Estonia) Karnitiin:SCnc:Pt:Sem:Qn:
Synonyms: Aine kontsentratsioon Juhuslik Kvantitatiivne Sperma
fr-CA French (Canada) Carnitine:Concentration de substance:Temps ponctuel:Liquide séminal:Quantitatif:
fr-FR French (France) Carnitine:Moles/Volume:Ponctuel:Sperme:Numérique:
fr-BE French (Belgium) Carnitine:Concentration de substance:Temps ponctuel:Liquide séminal:Quantitatif:
it-IT Italian (Italy) Carnitina (C0):SCnc:Pt:Sperma:Qn:
Synonyms: Chimica Concentrazione di Sostanza Punto nel tempo (episodio)
ko-KR Korean (Korea, Republic Of) 카르니틴:물질농도:검사시점:정액:정량:
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) carnitine:mol/volume:moment:sperma:kwantitatief:
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) Carnitina (C0):SCnc:Pt:Esperma:Qn:
Synonyms:; Substance concentration; Level; Point in time; Random; Smn; Ejaculate; Seminal fluid; SMPLS; Sem; Quantitative; QNT; Quant; Quan; Chemistry
ru-RU Russian (Russian Federation) Карнитин:МолКонц:ТчкВрм:Сперма:Колич:
Synonyms: Количественный Молярность;Молярная объёмная концентрация Точка во времени;Момент
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) Karnitin:SubKons:Zmlı:Semen:Kant:
zh-CN Chinese (China) 肉碱:物质的量浓度:时间点:精液:定量型:
Synonyms: 一次射出的精液;射精 克分子浓度;克分子浓度(单位体积);摩尔浓度;摩尔浓度(单位体积);物质的量浓度(单位体积) 化学;化学检验项目;化学检验项目类;化学类;化学试验;非刺激耐受型化学检验项目;非刺激耐受型化学检验项目类;非刺激耐受型化学试验;非刺激耐受型化学试验类 可用数量表示的;定量性;数值型;数量型;连续数值型标尺 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 肉碱(肉毒碱、三甲基羟基丁酰甜菜碱、卡尼丁);三甲基羟基丁酰甜菜碱;卡尼丁;总肉毒碱;总肉碱;肉毒碱;肉毒碱.总;肉毒碱.总计;肉碱.总;肉碱.总计

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mmol/L Example UCUM Units

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