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Code for summary stage at the initial diagnosis or treatment of the reportable tumor. This has traditionally been used by central registries to monitor time trends. For hospital registries, COC requires its use in the absence of a defined AJCC classification. For site-specific definitions of categories, see the SEER Summary Staging Guide.

SEER Summary Stage 1977 is limited to information available within 2 months of the date of diagnosis. NAACCR approved extension of this time period to 4 months for prostate tumors diagnosed beginning January 1, 1995.

Stage information is important when evaluating the effects of cancer control programs. It is crucial for understanding whether changes over time in incidence rates or outcomes are due to earlier detection of the cancers. In addition, cancer treatment cannot be studied without knowing the stage at diagnosis.

To study historical trends in stage, the coding system must be relatively unchanged (stable) over time. AJCC's TNM system is updated periodically to maintain clinical relevance with changes in diagnosis and treatment. The surveillance registries often rely on the Summary Stage, which they consider to be more "stable." Summary Stage has been in widespread use, either as the primary staging scheme or a secondary scheme, in most central and hospital registries since 1977... NAACCR Data Standards and Data Dictionary Version 11
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Fully-Specified Name

SEER summary stage 1977

Additional Names

Short Name
SEER SS1977 Cancer

Normative Answer List: LL228-8

Answer Code Score Answer ID
In Situ 0 LA3944-1
Localized 1 LA3787-4
Regional, direct extension only 2 LA3695-9
Regional, regional lymph nodes only 3 LA3694-2
Regional, direct extension and regional lymph nodes 4 LA3696-7
Regional, NOS 5 LA4380-7
Distant 7 LA4200-7
Not applicable 8 LA4720-4
Unstaged 9 LA3595-1

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 1.0m
Last Updated
Version 2.32

Member of these Panels

LOINC Long Common Name
49083-9 North American Association of Central Cancer Registries, Inc (NAACCR, Inc) version 11 panel
59852-4 North American Association of Central Cancer Registries, Inc (NAACCR, Inc) version 12 panel

Language Variants Get Info

Tag Language Translation
es-AR Spanish (Argentina) estadio.resumen:tipo:punto en el tiempo:cáncer.XXX:Nominal:
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) SEER resumen etapa 1977:Tipo:Punto temporal:Cancer.XXX:Nominal:
it-IT Italian (Italy) SEER summary stage 1977:Tipo:Pt:Cancro.XXX:Nom:
Synonyms: Cancro XXX Fase Neoplasia maligna Punto nel tempo (episodio) Registro tumori
ru-RU Russian (Russian Federation) SEER суммарная стадия 1977:Тип:ТчкВрм:Рак.XXX:Ном:
Synonyms: Номинальный;Именной Точка во времени;Момент
zh-CN Chinese (China) SEER 期别 1977:类型:时间点:癌.XXX:名义型:
Synonyms: NAACCR 肿瘤登记;癌症登记中心北美协会肿瘤登记;肿瘤注册;肿瘤登记(NAACCR);肿瘤登记(癌症登记中心北美协会);癌症登记中心北美协会;North American Association of Central Cancer Registries;NAACCR SEER SEER 期別 1977;SEER 分期 1977;Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Program;Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results;SEER;流行病監測及最終結果;监测,流行病学及预后;监测、流行病学和结果数据库 不明癌;不明癌症;未作说明的癌;未作说明的癌症;癌.不明;癌.未作说明的;癌症.XXX;癌症.不明;癌症.未作说明的;此处未作说明的癌 不明的;其他;将在相应消息内其他部分之中加以详细说明;未作详细说明的;未作说明的;未做说明的标本;未加规定的;未加说明的标本;杂项 分类型应答;分类型结果;名义性;名称型;名词型;名词性;标称性;没有自然次序的名义型或分类型应答 分级;阶段;时期 型 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 癌 监视流行病学与终末结果 监视流行病学与终末结果(Surveillance Epidemiology and End Result,SEER)

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