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History of hospitalizations and History of outpatient visits (i.e. Encounters) lists and describes any healthcare encounters pertinent to the patient's current health status or historical health history. An encounter is an interaction, regardless of the setting, between a patient and a practitioner who is vested with primary responsibility for diagnosing, evaluating, or treating the patient's condition. It may include visits, appointments, as well as non face-to-face interactions. It is also a contact between a patient and a practitioner who has primary responsibility for assessing and treating the patient at a given contact, exercising independent judgment.
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Fully-Specified Name

Hospitalizations+Outpatient visits

Additional Names

Short Name
Hx of Hospitalizations+OP visits

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 2.19
Last Updated
Version 2.63
Change Reason
Previous Releases: Removed "History of" from Component, changed Property from "Find" to "Hx", and removed "Reported" Method per 8/2015 Clinical LOINC Committee decision;
Order vs. Observation

Member of these Panels

LOINC Long Common Name
69459-6 Care record summary panel
72232-2 Continuity of Care Document - recommended C-CDA R1.1 sections
81214-9 Continuity of Care Document - recommended C-CDA R2.0 and R2.1 sections
48769-4 Continuity of Care panel
81243-8 Enhanced encounter note - recommended CDP Set 1 R1.0 and R1.1 sections
51896-9 Healthcare Associated Infection report - recommended CDA R2 sections
82308-8 Oncology plan of care and summary - recommended CDA R1.2 sections
74293-2 Oncology plan of care and summary - recommended CDA set
81221-4 Transfer summary note - recommended C-CDA R2.0 sections
81614-0 Transfer summary note - recommended C-CDA R2.1 sections

Language Variants Get Info

Tag Language Translation
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Hospitalizaciones + Visitas ambulatorias:Hx:Punto temporal:^ Paciente:Narrativo:
it-IT Italian (Italy) Ospedalizzazioni+Visite ambulatoriali:Hx:Pt:^Paziente:Nar:
Synonyms: Anamnesi paziente Punto nel tempo (episodio) Storia;Anamnesi visite paziente ambulatoriale
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) ziekenhuisopnames en poliklinische bezoeken:voorgeschiedenis:moment:^patiënt:tekstueel:
Synonyms: anamnese
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) Histórico de hospitalizações+ Histórico de visitas ambulatoriais:Achado:Pt:^Paciente:Nar:Relatado
Synonyms: ; Outpatient visits Hx; Hospitalizations+OP visits Hx; Hospitalizations Hx; Finding; Findings; Point in time; Random; Narrative; Report
ru-RU Russian (Russian Federation) История госпитализаций+История амбулаторных визитов:Hx:ТчкВрм:^Пациент:Опис:
Synonyms: Анамнез госпитализаций+Анамнез амбулаторных посещений История Описательный Точка во времени;Момент
zh-CN Chinese (China) 住院治疗史+门诊就诊史:历史记录:时间点:^患者:叙述型:
Synonyms: 住院治疗历史+门诊就诊历史;住院治疗史+门诊就医史;住院治疗史+门诊患者就诊史;住院治疗史+门诊病人就诊史 医疗服务对象;客户;病人;病患;病号;超系统 - 病人 医院收容;入院;住院期;收治入院 历史;史;病史 历史纪录与体格检查 历史纪录与体格检查.历史记录;历史纪录与体格检查.历史记录类;历史纪录与体格检查.历史记录类别;历史纪录与体格检查.病史;历史纪录与体格检查.病史类;历史纪录与体格检查.病史类别;历史纪录与体格检查.病史记录;历史纪录与体格检查.病史记录类;历史纪录与体格检查.病史记录类别;历史纪录与体格检查小节.历史记录;历史纪录与体格检查小节.历史记录类;历史纪录与体格检查小节.历史记录类别;历史纪录与体格检查小节.病史;历史纪录与体格检查小节.病史类;历史纪录与体格检查小节.病史类别 历史纪录与体格检查小节 叙述;叙述性文字;报告;报告型;文字叙述;文本叙述型;文本描述;文本描述型 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 病史与体格检查 门诊就诊类(就诊、就诊过程类、就诊过程、就医过程类、就医类、就医过程、就医);门诊就诊类

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