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68899-4Core behavioral and psychosocial data elements for the electronic health record [SAMHSA]Active

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68899-4 Core behavioral and psychosocial data elements for the electronic health record [SAMHSA]
Indent68503-2 How would you rate your ability to speak and understand English OR How well do you speak English?
Indent68504-0 What language do you feel most comfortable speaking with your doctor or nurse?
Indent68505-7 What is your current occupational status?
Indent68506-5 What is the highest grade or level of schooling you completed?
Indent68507-3 Did you ever serve on active duty in the armed forces of the U.S.?
Indent68508-1 How many children under the age of 18 live in your household? {#}
Indent68509-9 Over the past 2 weeks have you not been able to stop or control worrying
Indent68510-7 Over the past 7 days, how many times a week did you eat fast food or snacks or pizza? {#}/wk
Indent68511-5 Over the past 7 days, how many servings of fruits-vegetables did you eat each day? {#}/d
Indent68512-3 Over the past 7 days, how many soda and sweetened drinks, regular, not diet, did you drink each day? {#}/d
Indent68513-1 How many days in the past week did you miss taking one or more of your medications? d/wk
Indent68514-9 When you fail to take doses of your medications, is this because?
Indent68515-6 How many days of moderate to strenuous exercise, like a brisk walk, did you do in the last 7 days? d/(7.d)
Indent68516-4 On those days that you engage in moderate to strenuous exercise, how many minutes, on average, do you exercise? min/d
Indent68517-2 How many times in the past year have you have X or more drinks in a day? {#}/a
Indent68518-0 How often do you have a drink containing alcohol?
Indent68519-8 How many standard drinks containing alcohol do you have on a typical day? {#}/d
Indent68520-6 How often do you have 6 or more drinks on 1 occasion?
Indent68521-4 How much stress have you been experiencing in the past week, including today?
Indent68522-2 To what extent did the following common sources contributed to your overall stress in the last week?
Indent68523-0 Sources of stress [SAMHSA]
Indent68524-8 How many times in the past year have you used an illegal drug or used a prescription medication for non-medical reasons? {#}/a
Indent68525-5 In the past year, have you used drugs other than those required for medical reasons?
Indent68526-3 Do you abuse more than one drug at a time?
Indent68527-1 Are you always able to stop using drugs when you want to?
Indent68528-9 Have you had blackouts or flashbacks as a result for drug use?
Indent68529-7 Do you ever feel bad or guilty about your drug use?
Indent68530-5 Does your spouse (or parent) ever complain about your involvement with drugs?
Indent68531-3 Have you neglected your family because of your use of drugs?
Indent68532-1 Have you engaged in illegal activities in order to obtain drugs?
Indent68533-9 Have you ever experienced withdrawal symptoms (felt sick) when you stopped taking drugs?
Indent68534-7 Have you had medical problems as a result of your drug use?
Indent68535-4 Have you used tobacco in the last 30 days?
Indent68536-2 Have you used smokeless tobacco product in the last 30 days?
Indent68537-0 Would you be interested in quitting tobacco use within the next few weeks?
Indent68538-8 Did you provide brief counseling/coaching to quit?
Indent68539-6 Did you prescribe or recommend that the patient to use one of the seven FDA-approved medication for tobacco cessation?
Indent68540-4 Did you refer the patient to your State's Tobacco Quitline (1-800-QUIT-NOW)?

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Core behavioral and psychosocial data elements for the electronic health record

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Version 2.38
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Version 2.46
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