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LP14565-3   Opiates
Opiates are narcotic drugs sometimes used to control pain, but have high abuse potential. Opiates tend to relax users. This group of drugs includes opium, morphine, and codeine. Synthetic opiates based on the phenanthrene nucleus of morphine include hydromorphone, hydrocodone, oxymorphone, oxycodone, dihydrocodeine, meperidine, and levorphanol. Opium comes in chunks and powder and may be eaten or smoked. Heroin is a manufactured opiate and is made into a powder that may be dissolved in water and injected. (Jacobs and DeMott Laboratory Test Handbook, 5th edition, DS Jacobs, WR DeMott and DK Oxley, 2001) Source: Regenstrief Institute

Fully-Specified Name

Unk sub

Additional Names

Short Name
Opiates Usub-mCnc
Display Name
Opiates (Unknown substance) [Mass/Vol]
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Opiates, Unknown substance

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 1.0h(2)
Last Updated
Version 2.34
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LOINC Group Group Name
LG37546-5 Opiates|ANYProp|ANYTm|ANYSys|ANYMeth

Language Variants Get Info

Tag Language Translation
de-DE German (Germany) Opiate:Massenkonzentration:Zeitpunkt:Unbekannte Substanz:Quantitativ:
es-AR Spanish (Argentina) opiáceos:concentración de masa:punto en el tiempo:sustancia desconocida:cuantitativo:
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Opiáceos:Concentración de masa:Punto temporal:Sustancia desconocida:Qn:
Synonyms: Cuantitativo
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Opiáceos:Concentración de masa:Punto temporal:Sustancia desconocida:Cuantitativo:
et-EE Estonian (Estonia) Opiaadid:MCnc:Pt:XXX:Qn:
Synonyms: Juhuslik Kvantitatiivne Täpsustamata materjal
fr-CA French (Canada) Opiacés:Concentration de masse:Temps ponctuel:Substance inconnue:Quantitatif:
fr-FR French (France) Opiacés:Masse/Volume:Ponctuel:Substance inconnue:Numérique:
fr-BE French (Belgium) Opiacés:Concentration de masse:Temps ponctuel:Substance inconnue:Quantitatif:
it-IT Italian (Italy) Oppiacei:MCnc:Pt:Sostanza sconosciuta:Qn:
Synonyms: Concentrazione di Massa Livelli farmacologici e tossicologia Punto nel tempo (episodio) Sostanza sconosciuta
ko-KR Korean (Korea, Republic Of) 아편제제:질량농도:검사시점:미상물질:정량:
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) opiaten:massa/volume:moment:onbekende substantie:kwantitatief:
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) Opiáceos:MCnc:Pt:Substância desconhecida:Qn:
Synonyms: Opi; Opiate; Heroin; Mass concentration; Level; Point in time; Random; Usub; Unknown substance; Quantitative; QNT; Quant; Quan; Drugs; DRUG/TOXICOLOGY; DRUG/TOXICOLOGY
ru-RU Russian (Russian Federation) Опиаты:МассКонц:ТчкВрм:Неизв вещ:Колич:
Synonyms: Количественный Массовая концентрация Неизвестное вещество Точка во времени;Момент
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) Opiyatlar:KütlKons:Zmlı:Blnm sub:Kant:
zh-CN Chinese (China) 阿片制剂:质量浓度:时间点:未知物质:定量型:
Synonyms: 不明物质 二乙酰吗啡;海洛因;鸦片;鸦片剂;鸦片麻醉剂;麻醉剂 可用数量表示的;定量性;数值型;数量型;连续数值型标尺 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 毒品 毒品类 水平;浓度;质量浓度(单位体积) 药品类 药物 药物/毒理学;药物/毒理学试验;药物毒理学试验;药物毒理学试验类 药物类

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