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Oral hygiene - functional ability
CMS Assessment

Normative Answer List: LL4681-4

Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Answer Code Score Answer ID
Independent - Patient completes the activity by themself with no assistance from a helper. 06 LA9983-3
Setup or clean-up assistance - Helper sets up or cleans up; patient completes activity. Helper assists only prior to or following the activity. 05 LA10073-7
Supervision or touching assistance - Helper provides verbal cues and/or touching/steadying and/or contact guard assistance as patient completes activity. Assistance may be provided throughout the activity or intermittently. 04 LA28225-3
Partial/moderate assistance - Helper does less than half the effort. Helper lifts, holds or supports trunk or limbs, but provides less than half the effort. 03 LA10055-4
Substantial/maximal assistance - Helper does more than half the effort. Helper lifts or holds trunk or limbs and provides more than half the effort. 02 LA11759-0
Dependent - Helper does all of the effort. Patient does none of the effort to complete the activity. Or, the assistance of 2 or more helpers is required for the patient to complete the activity. 01 LA27665-1
Patient refused 07 LA10058-8
Not applicable - Not attempted and the patient did not perform this activity prior to the current illness, exacerbation, or injury. 09 LA28226-1
Not attempted due to environmental limitations (e.g., lack of equipment, weather constraints). 10 LA28227-9
Not attempted due to medical condition or safety concerns 88 LA26735-3

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First Released
Version 2.64
Last Updated
Version 2.77
Change Reason
Release 2.77: TIME_ASPCT: Decision by CMS to update the Timing to RptPeriod from Pt for all CMS Assessments;
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