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percentile (of population)
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LP15400-2   Apolipoprotein B
Apolipoproteins are a family of proteins involved in cholesterol transport and metabolism. Apoliprotein B is a primary protein component of low-density lipoprotein (LDL or "bad" cholesterol), very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) and chylomicrons and is encoded by the APOB gene. The liver produces the B-100 form, which includes a region that is recognized by the ApoB/E LDL receptor, and the small intestine produces B-48, which is cleaved from B-100 and does not include the receptor region. Deficiency of apolipoprotein B is associated with low LDL levels and fat malabsorption, while high levels of circulating apolipoprotein B-100, which can be a result of a defect in the ApoB/E receptor ligand, are associated with high cholesterol and risk for coronary artery disease [UniProt: P04114]. Source: Regenstrief LOINC, UniProt: P04114

LP31988-6   Apolipoprotein A-I
The major protein component of high density lipoproteins. It is instrumental in promoting efflux of cholesterol from extrahepatic tissue to the liver where it is metabolized and excreted from the body. The compound is the activator of lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase which forms cholesteryl esters in HDL. The gene for this apolipoprotein is found on the long arm of chromosome 11. Source: National Library of Medicine, MeSH 2006

LP31988-6   Apolipoprotein A-I
Apolipoproteins are a family of proteins involved in cholesterol transport and metabolism. Apoliprotein A is an important component of high-density lipoprotein (HDL or "good" cholesterol) and has several subtypes, including A-I and A-II, which are encoded by the APOA1 and APOA2 genes, respectively. A-I and A-II are the primary protein components of HDL. Deficiency of apolipoprotein A-I is associated with low HDL levels [], while deficiency of A-II is not associated with significant changes in HDL or other lipid levels [UniProt: P02652]. Source: Regenstrief LOINC, UniProt: P02652

Fully-Specified Name

Apolipoprotein B/Apolipoprotein A-I

Additional Names

Short Name
Apo B/Apo A-I Prctl SerPl
Display Name
Apolipoprotein B/Apolipoprotein A-I [%]
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Apolipoprotein B/Apolipoprotein A-I, Blood

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Version 1.0i
Last Updated
Version 2.75
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Tag Language Translation
es-AR Spanish (Argentina) apolipoproteína B/apolipoproteína A-1:percentilo:punto en el tiempo:suero/plasma:cuantitativo:
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Apolipoproteína B/Apolipoproteína A1:Percentil:Punto temporal:Suero o Plasma:Semicuantitativo:
Synonyms: Semicuantitativo
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Apolipoproteína B / Apolipoproteína A-I:Percentil:Punto temporal:Suero o Plasma:Cuantitativo:
fr-CA French (Canada) Apolipoprotéine B/Apolipoprotéine A-I:Percentile:Temps ponctuel:Sérum/Plasma:SemiQn:
fr-FR French (France) Apolipoprotéine B/apolipoprotéine AI:Percentile:Ponctuel:Sérum/Plasma:Numérique:
it-IT Italian (Italy) Apolipoproteina B/Apolipoproteina A-I:Prctl:Pt:Siero/Plasma:SemiQn:
Synonyms: Chimica Percentile Plasma Punto nel tempo (episodio) Siero Siero o Plasma
ko-KR Korean (Korea, Republic Of) 아포지방단백 B/아포지방단백 A-I:백분위수:검사시점:혈청/혈장:정량:
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) apolipoproteïne B/apolipoproteïne A-1:percentiel:moment:serum of plasma:semikwantitatief:
pl-PL Polish (Poland) Apolipoproteina B/apolipoproteina A I:percentyl:punkt w czasie:surowica lub osocze:półilościowy:
Synonyms: Apolipoproteina A Apolipoproteina A-I Apolipoproteina B Apolipoproteina B/Apolipoproteina A-I
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) Apolipoproteína B/Apolipoproteína A-I:Prctl:Pt:Sor/Plas:Qn:
Synonyms: ; Apo B; ApoB; Apo A-I; Apolipoprotein A1; Apo A-I; Apo B/Apo A-I; Percentile; Point in time; Random; SerPl; SerPlas; SerP; Serum; SR; Plasma; Pl; Plsm; Quantitative; QNT; Quant; Quan; Chemistry
zh-CN Chinese (China) 载脂蛋白 B/载脂蛋白 A-I:百分位数:时间点:血清/血浆:半定量型:
Synonyms: A 型 Apo A Apo A-I;载脂蛋白 A1;载脂蛋白 A-Ⅰ Apo B B 型 I 型 化学;化学检验项目;化学检验项目类;化学类;化学试验;非刺激耐受型化学检验项目;非刺激耐受型化学检验项目类;非刺激耐受型化学试验;非刺激耐受型化学试验类 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 百分位 脱脂蛋白 血清或血浆 载脂蛋白 AⅠ 载脂蛋白类 阿朴脂蛋白

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