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Term Description

The T cell product panel (aka donor lymphocyte) is used to document the unique identifiers and cellular content of the T cell product given to "rescue" patients in the setting of a failing allogeneic transplants and recurring disease. Results are utilized to determine required doses requested by treating physicians.
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Panel Hierarchy

Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
95828-0 T cell product characterization panel - Blood product unit by Flow cytometry (FC)
Indent95829-8 Viable CD45 cells/100 CD45 cells in Blood product unit %
Indent95827-2 Viable CD3 cells/100 CD3 cells in Blood product unit %
Indent95832-2 CD3 dose in hematopoietic progenitor cell transfusion [#/mass] 10*6/kg
Indent78003-1 Nucleated cell dose in hematopoietic progenitor cell transfusion [#/mass] per recipient body mass 10*7/kg
Indent14578-9 ABO group [Type] in Blood from Blood product unit
Indent14907-0 Rh [Type] in Blood from Blood product unit
Indent931-6 Blood product source [Type]
Indent936-5 Blood product unit [Identifier]
Indent43414-2 Blood product units available [#] {#};{# units}
Indent82772-5 Lab result date reported {mm/dd/yyyy}
Indent18771-6 Provider signing name
Indent933-2 Blood product type

Fully-Specified Name

T cell product characterization panel
Flow cytometry

Additional Names

Short Name
T cell product panel BPU FC
Display Name
T cell product characterization panel FC (BPU)
Consumer Name Alpha Get Info
T cell product characterization panel, Blood Product Unit

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 2.69
Last Updated
Version 2.69
Order vs. Observation
Panel Type

Language Variants Get Info

Tag Language Translation
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Panel de caracterización de productos de células T:Propiedades mixtas (sólo paneles):Punto temporal:^Unidad de hemoderivado:-:Citometria de flujo (FC)
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Panel de caracterización de productos de células T:-:Punto temporal:^ Unidad de hemoderivado:-:Citometría de flujo (FC)
fr-FR French (France) Lymphocytes T caratérisation panel:-:Ponctuel:Poche:-:Cytométrie de flux
it-IT Italian (Italy) Cellula T, panel caratterizzazione prodotto:-:Pt:^Unità prodotto sangue:-:Citometria a flusso
Synonyms: Banca del sangue Citometria a flusso (FC) Linfocita T Punto nel tempo (episodio) Set di prescrizone per banca del sangue Unità di prodotto sangue
zh-CN Chinese (China) T 细胞制品特性描述组套:-:时间点:^血液制品单位:-:流式细胞测量术
Synonyms: BPU;血液制品单位(Blood product unit,BPU);血液制品单位(包装);血液包装单位;超系统 - 血液制品单位 T 细胞(T-细胞)制品(制剂、产品)特性描述(描述)组套(组合、医嘱组、套餐、套餐医嘱、医嘱套餐、组合申请、组合项目) T 细胞;UCHL-1 动态 医嘱套餐 医嘱套餐类 医嘱套餐组 医嘱组 医嘱组.血库;组套(组合、医嘱组、套餐、套餐医嘱、医嘱套餐、组合申请、组合项目)类.血库;实验室医嘱组类.血库;血库医嘱组;血库医嘱组类 医嘱组合 医嘱组合类 医嘱组套 医嘱组套类 医嘱组类 多重;多重型;多重标尺类型;多重精度类型 套餐 套餐医嘱 套餐医嘱组 套餐医嘱组类 实验室医嘱套餐 实验室医嘱套餐类 实验室医嘱组 实验室医嘱组合类 实验室医嘱组套 实验室医嘱组套类 实验室套餐医嘱组 实验室套餐医嘱组类 实验室检验项目医嘱组合类 实验室检验项目组合类 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 检验医嘱组合类 检验项目医嘱组合类 检验项目组合类 流 流式细胞光度计;流式细胞测量术(Flow Cytometry,FC);流式细胞计 组 组合 组合医嘱 组合类 组套 血库;血库检验;血库检验类;血库检验项目;血库检验项目类;血库类;血库试验;血库试验项目;血库试验项目类

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