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LP15429-1   Base excess
Base excess refers to the amount of a strong acid required to bring back the blood pH to the normal value of 7.4. The term and concept were first introduced by Astrup and Siggaard-Andersen in 1958 as a way to measure the metabolic component of an acid-base disturbance.

Actual versus standard:
In vivo, acid-base homeostasis takes place throughout the extracellular fluid (ECF), not just the blood compartment that is in a patient specimen. The concept of "standard" base excess attempts to adjust for the base excess of the entire extracellular compartment by calculating the base excess for blood diluted as if the entire extracellular compartment were sampled (approx Hgb of 5g/l). So the ACTUAL base excess (ABE) is the dose of acid to return PLASMA to normal pH, whereas the STANDARD base excess (SBE) is the dose to return ECF to normal pH.

Adjusting for oxygen saturation:
Base excess normally assumes 100% oxygen saturation, which is valid for many arterial specimens. However, it is possible to add additional terms to the calculation which account for the actual oxygen saturation of the patient sample. The terms in LOINC indicating 'Base excess.100% oxygenated' are intended to encode base excess terms adjusted for oxygen saturation (i.e. do not assume 100% oxygenation). Source: Regenstrief LOINC

LP422982-1   BldCV
Central venous blood is blood found in the interior jugular or subclavian vein sampled via a central venous catheter. The composition of central venous blood is different from mixed venous blood, found in the pulmonary artery and also sampled via catheter, and peripheral venous blood, sampled via venipuncture. Central venous blood contains blood from the upper body, whereas mixed venous blood contains deoxygenated blood from the entire body. Source: LOINC

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Base excess^^standard

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Base excess std BldCV-sCnc
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Base excess standard (BldCV) [Moles/Vol]
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Base excess Standard, Blood

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Version 2.70
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