Version 2.77

Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL1013-3 [PROMIS] Completely|Mostly|Mod|A little|Not at all N
LL1172-7 PhenX09_11_noise interfere w/ activities N
LL1272-5 PhenX12_04 N
LL1280-8 PhenX12_12 N
LL1623-9 PhenX18_06 N
LL1630-4 PhenX18_13_feelings in past few W N
LL1765-8 PhenX21_14_event effect N
LL1881-3 NeuroQol_06 N
LL4754-9 Not at all | A little | Rather | Much | Very stron N
LL5003-0 Eog admin assistance N
LL5268-9 GWB Schedule_Level of being bothered by nerves N
LL5473-5 None|A little|Medium|A lot N
LL5793-6 None/A little/Quite a lot/Extreme N
LL5799-3 A lot|Some|Little|Not at all N
LL6058-3 Not at all|A lit|Mod|Mos|Comp w/score N
LL6073-2 Amounts - Not at all to Extreme N
LL6074-0 Not at all|Lil|Mod|V much|Ext w/score N
LL6084-9 Very|Somewhat|A little|Not at all N
LL755-0 howRU N