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Basic Properties

Not at all | A little | Rather | Much | Very stron
Answers: 5; Scale: Ord; Code: -; Score: 0-4
LOINCs using this list

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Not at all 0 LA6568-5
A little 1 LA13940-4
Rather 2 LA28439-0
Much 3 LA15550-9
Very strong 4 LA28441-6

LOINC terms using this Answer List

72702-4 Criticism had a devastating effect on me in last week [BSL-23]
72699-2 Everything seemed senseless to me in last week [BSL-23]
72711-5 I didn't believe in my right to live in last week [BSL-23]
72712-3 I didn't trust other people in last week [BSL-23]
72709-9 I experienced stressful inner tension in last week [BSL-23]
72691-9 I felt as if I was far away from myself in last week [BSL-23]
72714-9 I felt disgust in last week [BSL-23]
72692-7 I felt disgusted by myself in last week [BSL-23]
72716-4 I felt helpless in last week [BSL-23]
72701-6 I felt vulnerable in last week [BSL-23]
72690-1 I felt worthless in the last week [BSL-23]
72708-1 I had images that I was very much afraid of in last week [BSL-23]
72707-3 I hated myself in last week [BSL-23]
72705-7 I suffered from shame in last week [BSL-23]
72703-2 I suffered from voices and noises from inside or outside my head in last week [BSL-23]
72713-1 I thought of hurting myself in last week [BSL-23]
72706-5 I wanted to punish myself in last week [BSL-23]
72715-6 I was absent-minded and unable to remember what I was actually doing in last week [BSL-23]
72698-4 I was afraid of losing control in last week [BSL-23]
72710-7 I was lonely in last week [BSL-23]
72717-2 It was hard for me to concentrate in last week [BSL-23]
72704-0 My mood rapidly cycled in terms of anxiety, anger, and depression in last week [BSL-23]
72700-8 The idea of death had a certain fascination for me in last week [BSL-23]

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