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Basic Properties

Not at all/A little/Some/A lot
LOINCs using this list

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Not at all 1 LA6568-5
A little 2 LA13940-4
Some 3 LA14973-4
A lot 4 LA14468-5

LOINC terms using this Answer List

65464-0 I did not feel like eating, I wasn't very hungry [CES-DC]
65473-1 I didn't sleep as well as I usually sleep [CES-DC]
65468-1 I felt down and unhappy [CES-DC]
65479-8 I felt like crying [CES-DC]
65467-3 I felt like I couldn't pay attention to what I was doing [CES-DC]
65466-5 I felt like I was just as good as other kids [CES-DC]
65469-9 I felt like I was too tired to do things [CES-DC]
65477-2 I felt like kids I know were not friendly or that they didn't want to be with me [CES-DC]
65470-7 I felt like something good was going to happen [CES-DC]
65471-5 I felt like things I did before didn't work out right [CES-DC]
65476-4 I felt lonely, like I didn't have any friends [CES-DC]
65481-4 I felt people didn't like me [CES-DC]
65480-6 I felt sad [CES-DC]
65472-3 I felt scared [CES-DC]
65478-0 I had a good time [CES-DC]
65463-2 I was bothered by things that usually don't bother me [CES-DC]
65474-9 I was happy [CES-DC]
65475-6 I was more quiet than usual [CES-DC]
65465-7 I wasn't able to feel happy, even when my family or friends tried to help me feel better [CES-DC]
65482-2 It was hard to get started doing things [CES-DC]

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